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Of lesbian-ish men and other happy-making things

I have been anxious and jittery this week, hence the lack of posting. I have a stressful work commitment tomorrow which will mean I won't be able to watch Smallville until the weekend (grrr... after it's been off for so long... grrr). Hopefully I will feel much better when it's over.

Since it seems as if I am not alone in finding this week bleak/stressful/difficult, I figured I should post something cheerifying.

I have become quite fixated with this list of the top-ten lesbian-ish men. And not only because Jamie is on it. ;-) I'm slightly confronted by how many of my top crushes are on that list... Johnny Depp? Check! John Cusack? Check! Jake-y holding down top spot? Check! And I have soft spots for Eric, Orlando and Keanu too. Should I reconsider my sexuality?! o.O *giggles* OK, totally not, because I like men waaay too much to give them up, but it still amuses me that I like the pouty pretty boys. But why is Tommy not on that list?! (I am heartened to see him mentioned in the comments.)

This list has got me all thoughtful about the nature of attraction and things I find hot in straight men. Probably connected to the fact that I like a lot of the guys on that list is the fact that I find straight guys who demonstrate the following ridiculously attractive:
- comfortableness with their feminine side
- willingness to be objectified
- willingness to play 'second' to or be topped by straight girl.
Yet I'm a bit contrary, because at the end of the day I don't want them to be too girly. (Hence the importance of good arms! *g*)

One question this list raises for me is what would the equivalent list be like from gay men? Which girls do they crush on? Anyone care to speculate?

What about girls that straight girls commonly crush on? Are there common attributes among them? Because part of me wants to say yes, and part of me thinks it's too hard to generalise... I feel sure fandom will resolve this matter for me. *nods*

bananainpyjamas tagged me for the ten favourite things meme.

1. Raspberries: oh, most wonderful of fruits! I like all berries, but raspberries most of all. If there's a raspberry anything on a menu, I'll make a beeline for it. Favourite raspberry variations: fresh raspberry jam, mum's raspberry hazelnut meringue cake, frozen raspberries mixed through greek yoghurt, chocolate-covered raspberries, raspberry smoothies.

2. Red shoes: red's a great 'feature' colour. Too much of it is a bad thing, but a striking splash is always fun, and red shoes make me cheery. (This is pretty much my criteria for any clothing--will it make me feel cheery?) I've had red shoes in my wardrobe all my adult life, whether it's red one-stars, cherry red campers, or maroon-red ballet flats.

3. Rai, Aishwarya: Bollywood mega-star, who I am quite besotted with. Anyone who looks that while doing such ridiculous dancing gets points from me. Plus she's incredibly well-spoken, gracious and graceful in person. I can't look at her for too long--I get too hypnotised.

4. Reading! Of course. Probably the most obvious 'R' on my list, since I started reading as a teenie wee bop. The first word I spoke was 'book' (no doubt because my parents were depriving me of said item! *glares*). The first word I ever read (aloud) was 'Coca-cola' when we were on holiday in Spain. (My parents figure it was the only word I recognised on the signs.) I remember overhearing the boys in my primary school talking about me:
Boy 1: What do you think of k?
Boy 2: She's ok but she reads too much.
Oh, how I blushed behind the pages of my novel. ;-)

5. Radiohead radioreverie made me! No. Actually she didn't. ;-) They'd totally make my list of cool 'R' things, even without her spamming me with Thom and Jonny pics/news/trivia on a weekly basis.

6. Recycling I'm a dork, I know. But recycling is yay! I have a compost heap I am very proud of, and apart from doing the regular recycling of paper and bottles and cans, I try to re-use water from the house on the garden, and my boy and I are excellent scavengers. It helps that he's in the waste management industry. ;-) I'm a big fan of the hard rubbish collection--I've found the most awesome things in that.

7. Rushdie, Salman One of my favourite authors, largely on the strength of Midnight's Children, though I love The Satanic Verses as well. He's had some weaker works, it's true, but as a teenager Midnight's Children was a real eye-opener for me into the world of contemporary international fiction and magical realism.

8. Roman Holiday One of my favourite movies. Audrey's so gorgeous in it--she makes the cutest drunk ever. And I love the final scene. Plus vespas! Rome! gelati! hijinks! It's a classic for a reason.

9. Redemption A fictional theme dear to my heart. I'm a sucker for redemption/rebirth/renewal plots, as readers of my meta will know. (For Smallville fans: this explains why I'm a Lex-fan in the early seasons and then flip over into being a Clark fan in the later seasons.) Naturally this often means I'm drawn to dark plots and attracted to some pretty dark characters. Recently I ran through the crimes of my favourite characters and managed to tick off rape, murder, incest, crippling entire nation states and attempted genocide. *beams* About the only thing I can think of that my darlings haven't been guilty of is cannibalism, and now I feel I'm only tempting fate... eeep!

10. Rosenbaum, Michael So predictable, I know. But how could I leave out the acting genius behind Smallville's Lex? Especially when he's so totally, adorkably, hyper-actively insane.

Anyone want a letter?
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