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Vid instarec: Break

You guys know how I have been bemoaning the lack of Lee character studies, right?

Well, bananainpyjamas, aka dragonchic, just posted one and I think I died of happy! I'm so flaily, you can't believe. I practically ran around my office in circles flapping my arms. Thankfully I didn't or my co-workers would have dragged me off to the nut house... but, um, yes. *flails*

There are a shitload of good vids getting posted at the moment, and more I want to rec, but ... LEEEEEEE!!!

bananainpyjamas describes the vid as a short trip inside the character's head--and it's very effectively so. She 'tries to convince you that he in fact has a reason to be as emo as he is', which anyone who reads my BSG meta will know is a cause I'm whole-heartedly behind. ;-) While short, the vid charts a lot of emotional territory, and it's passionate, which is perhaps what I love most about it. People diss Lee for being weak, whiny, too self-reflective... but rage and energy and action are as much a part of who he is.

(Oh, btw, don't think that this means I'm going to stop wheedling all and sundry to make Lee vids! ;-) I have an endless appetite for them!)
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