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The last couple of days have been a roller-coaster of emotion, fandom-wise, for me. My apologies to anyone I owe comments to; I'm more than a little behind.

The dust settling, I've recovered my zen about Katee Sackhoff's comments on Kara/Lee. Without dismissing Katee's comments out of hand--which I really did not want to do because I greatly respect her as an actress. One of the reasons I found her comment so difficult to process was because I'm a very logical person--and as indigo419 pointed out 'there's a confusion between logic and love' in Katee's comment. To quote Indi again: 'one can love a person regardless of who else might be 'better' (more adult, less volatile...) for you.' That sums up BOTH pilots perfectly for me. And I suspect it was what Katee was trying to express as well. Jamie has expressed an almost identical opinion on occasion (an ISOLATED occasion! *g*)--saying he felt Dee was the healthier option for Lee and from that point of view he'd rather Lee ended up with her. But he also acknowledged that love is not logical. And that's been proven more than true this week in the ensuing kerfuffle in BSG fandom! I think many of us have been searching for a logical solution to what is, in fact, an emotional issue and needs to be resolved on that level.

Having had so many people comfort me, I decided to repay the favour a teenie bit at sasa_hq (which is loads of fun, by the way--many other comforting pilot-y things can be found there!) by posting this tongue-in-cheek manifesto: Hope in Hardship.

Other things making me happyful?! THIS ICON! Seriously. It pleases me on multiple levels. No really! Oh, ok, fine: it's just hot! ;-)

Also, I've been blown away by the reaction to Southside. It makes staying up all night to finish it 100% worthwhile! I was pleased with it at a personal level, but I had no idea so many other people would enjoy it. And I am so grateful for the feedback. (You are going to have to kick my ego back down to size if you keep this up!)

Now a bit of Heroes-related honesty from me: my reaction to the finale was probably coloured more than a little bit by my already very cranky mood. Despite my best efforts to get my venting re. Katee's comments over with before the finale, I did watch it while fuming. ;-) And the fact that they (seemingly) nuked my favourite character did not go down at all well. Nathan and Lee under attack on the same day?! Not pretty for Boppy! But as it turns out Nathan is alive. That's all I know. But I was astonished at my own relief on finding this out--evidently, despite my proclamations that the show is flawed (and I still do believe it is), I'm still more emotionally attached than I thought. I'm prepared to admit when I'm wrong. I stand by my comments that it relies too heavily on plotting, that its writing is poor and that the finale was predictable. But ... hey, who am I kidding? I'll probably still watch next year--especially if Nathan shines and Peter gets his scar! ;-)
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