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15 June 2007 @ 11:53 am
Meta rec: Lee, heroism and sacrifice  
*fly-by reccing*

It's been a good week for Lee meta! brokenmnemonic has written a two-part essay on two of my favourite topics: Lee Adama and heroism. Fantastic read! Links:
- Part One
- Part Two.
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K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Lee thinking hmmbop_radar on June 16th, 2007 01:07 pm (UTC)
Ohh, I need to ask her about Rapture! Damn, I didn't. I'll do so on Wednesday. *resolves*

The short answer to what she made of Katee's comment was that she thought she was talking very much 'as Starbuck'. She said it made sense to her that Kara would think that her love for Anders was more mature. She says to Kara the relationship with Lee is confusing--it has several levels: the friendship level (which is safe and reassuring and desperately important to Kara) and then this tangled other thing (which makes Kara feel out of control and is full of all this insanely heightened emotion). Whereas her relationship with Anders is straightfoward, it doesn't make her feel out of control. And control = maturity in Kara's mind.

I then made a few points about how the relationship with Sam doesn't seem very mature to me at all. She kept saying that yes, that was obvious to someone with an outside objective perspective but to Kara, her feeling in the relationship is that it's more mature (which seems to translate as 'on her terms', 'controllable', 'unthreatening'). She said that Kara's feelings for Lee don't feel mature to Kara at all because he triggers her fear of failure. She's not afraid with Sam, so that makes her feel as if in that relationship she's got 'over' that fear. Everything is so much more intense and risky with Lee. And she said that Kara probably thinks back on the Quadrangle stuff with Lee as just proving how misguided it was of her to pursue something with Lee. :-( Since it created a lot of pain and fear and anxiety for Kara--none of the things she thinks of as 'mature'. Or even as 'love'. Which brings me to Cat's next point...

I pressed the issue about Katee stating it as Kara loving Sam MORE than Lee (rather than just reflecting on the relative health of the relationships). I think my exact words were 'but how can she interpret that as loving Sam MORE if in fact it's with Lee that things are so much more intense?' It was amazing how unsurprised Cat was by Katee saying this. She said it made sense from Kara perspective, because of Kara's coping mechanism of denial. She says Kara's scared to interpret what she feels with Lee as love because it's such a huge huge risk and she doesn't want love to be that frightening and uncontrollable. She kept coming back to Kara's control issues...

I also brought up Kara confiding in Anders about her mother. She said that was because Sam never ever pressed her. He'd created this safe zone where she could say something about an emotional issue without fear that he would make a big deal of it. If she said anything to Lee he'd take it so seriously, press her for more, or react with his own emotions on the subject--all of which is too much for Kara to deal with. Although she also said that she could imagine Kara giving Lee hints into her true emotional inner world under 'safe' circumstances (e.g. when they were drunk and it 'didn't matter' or Lee was too sloshed to pick up on the true signifcance of what she was telling him). She seemed to think Kara did at some level want to confide in Lee, and also that at some level, Kara does appreciate Lee's intensity, but that it frightens her. Kara tells herself Sam is better, healthier, more mature because it's the less confronting path. (But also--this is my interpretation--the path that won't lead her to any true resolution of the issues.)

Oh, and she also said Kara doesn't see the lack of give and take in the relationship with Sam as a problem. *bites tongue*

I've been distracted from Jeeves and Wooster by early S1 Lee/Kara smut at Latte's urging... I've really missed happy pilot stuff
Oh, lovely! What a very good idea. Happy pilots were/are wonderful.