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Lois picspam #2

The Lois!spam was popular--so much so that I'm still working through comments. But meanwhile, here's Day 2.

1. She's always one step ahead of Clark.
Of course this is deceptive: Clark has superspeed so he can afford to be sluggish. (Has anyone else ever wondered why Clark doesn't use Clark!time to do some deductive reasoning? Or is that just me?!) But she thinks she's one step ahead of Clark--and that's terribly cute. Also she runs well. I love this shot. She's all 'come on, farmboy! get a move on!' But awww, she wants to protect him!

2. She's got a scary daddy.
General Lane is a daunting man. And Lois definitely takes some strength from that. But she's not a spoilt brat--the General is a stern father, and you also get the feeling that the General's let Lois do her own thing for a long time now; she grew up fast and she knows how to take care of herself as a consequence. Her manners may not be up to the Kent standards, but can you blame her?

3. She brings out Clark's sense of humour.
It's a little bitchy. :-p This is another early favourite of mine. It's the 'guess what, Lois! you've got to go back to school--with Clark!' shot.

4. She can drink college boys under the table.
Man, did Lois get slammed for this! But personally I like it. I have no problem believing she'd know how to hold her liquor growing up wild on the military bases.

They are so screwed... and not in the way they'd like.

Gratuitous shot because I like a) her neck, and b) her pjs. Look at them! They're so cute! They have pastries on them! I love that she went out to a bar in these. Lois likes comfort (there's the running joke about her long showers) and she doesn't give a damn what other people think about her. I can relate to that. She also couldn't see the point in college at this point in time. And while people have slammed her for lacking ambition and being a 'dropout', I think she's someone a lot of kids could relate to. She's still 'finding herself'. *pets*

5. She kicks ass in bunny slippers.
Sleazy guys who follow her home deserve a slapdown. Of course, Lois needs to learn some self-control. (*coughs* So did Clark!) But I like that she's got the self-defence moves. And this episode was all about character growth.

6. She knows when to apologise.
Lois was mortified that this guy wound up in hospital, and not only did she front and apologise, she also vowed to stop drinking. She learns from her mistakes and does her best to rectify them.

And she sucks it up and admits her mistakes to Clark as well. With gratuitous belly peek. Yum!

7. She plays with Clark's telescope.
The phallic objects were popular last time so here's a bonus. *g* Only very special people get to touch Clark's telescope--notably Lex and Lana--they've done so with Clark's consent, in his presence. But Lois barges into the loft and plays with it herself--Clark walks in on her. (I could go meta-y on the symbolic significance of the telescope, but suffice to say that this shot is definitely a sign of Lois's significance in Clark's universe.)

8. She thinks boys are predictable.
Most of all, she thinks Clark is predictable. The ironic beauty in this is that she's wrong, but on the surface Clark confirms her low opinion of dumb 'beefcake' guys. This is her 'you are so going to crush on my annoyingly princess-y little sis!' face.

Aaaaaand what did I tell you?

9. She can make Clark go from this:

... to this, in a matter of seconds. Bless!

10. She pays her own way.
No living off Daddy's money for Lois, she's not too proud to take a menial job to pay the rent. Even if she isn't very good at it. *g* I reckon she can make a mean mocchacino though. And look at those arms! *envies*
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