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Lois picspam #3

More Lois-y awesome...
1. Lois is a dork.
I like dorks. *g* Karaoke at the Talon is pretty darn dorky. *g*
I was going to do a special 'Lois and the girls' day, but I'm too impatient--so I'm using this one now. I love that she and Chloe get on so well--they obviously have a lot of fun hanging out together. Special mention in this photo for Lois's belly--loooooook! she has one! \o/ How cute is that?!

2. Lois is considerate.
Yup, you heard right. I know she can be brash and self-involved and blinkered and ride roughshod over people sometimes, but this myth that she's a total selfish bitch is a ... myth. I know there was a lot of grumbling about Lois taking advantage of the Kents--but I think a lot of teenage girls are a lot more selfish than Lois. Here she's helping Martha clean up after Shelby.

3. Lois has a good heart.
She may have grumbled about Shelby, teased Clark by calling the dog after him, and bitched about her allergies, but she also looked after him--even got all adorably mussed while washing him. And don't dogs have good instincts about people? Shelby loves Lois. *g*

4. Lois makes Lex pause in his tracks.
I love this shot. It's not just Clark who Lois can leave at a loss for words. Though Lex quickly recovers himself. Just as Lois is blind to Clark, Lex has a blindspot where Lois is concerned right now. I think his ego stops him from seeing just how tenacious an enemy she would make. They're similar in a lot of ways, those two and watching them try to out-alpha each other in 'Lucy' was fun.

This shot says a lot about all three characters--Lois is pulling the 'mum' routine on Lucy, Lex is trying to orchestrate the proceedings (even though it's really not his place), and Clark is woobying ineffectually in the background--hee! If anything he looks more worried for Lex than Lois: 'don't go near the scary women, Lex!' Aww, Clark! *pets*

5. Lois makes a good girl-pal.
They could so easily have played up the rivalry betwen Lois and Lana, or at least have them dislike each other. Instead, they showed the two respecting and caring for each other. Lois trying to give relationship advice is always a bit *facepalm*-y, but anvil-y or not, it was very cute to see the future Mrs Kent ask Clark's current girlfriend how she put up with him.

6. She has ambivalent feelings about being 'rescued'.
It is Lois's fate to be rescued. A lot. By Superman, by other Justice Leaguers... there's no avoiding it. But she's no forlorn victim, waiting helplessly for a knight in shining armour. And she's just as likely to rescue the guy herself.

And while she does have a thing for heroes, her logical side fights the crush. While she did end up dating him, she was cutely disconcerted by Aqua's concerned hero routine. She's far more comfortable turning to the girls for support--and Lana's genuinely concerned here.

7. She's a playstation nerd.
This one's just for me. I love it. If I had a day in Smallville, I'd schedule an hour for kicking Lois's ass at Tekken. ;-)

8. Did I mention she's not a victim?
When kidnapped by a sleazy psychopath, Lois definitely held her own.

Here she's about to punch the guy out.

All Clark did was catch a helicopter... Pfft! Details!

Clearly Lois is the real hero here ... ;-) Of course, Lois often winds up thinking she's saved the day when really it's Clark who's done so. Some fans groan about it, but I think it shows off Clark's selflessness and lack of ego--he doesn't do it for the accolades, he does it from the goodness of his heart. And it means Lois escapes the boring 'rescued maiden' stereotype. AND we get to giggle at her and role our eyes with Clark in the process. *g*

9. She puts her own self-consciousness aside in the name of an investigation.
I was going to say she's un-self-conscious, but that's not true. She's clearly awkward on stage in 'Exposed', when she winds up masquerading as a stripper to get a story. But once again, it's a case of Lois on a mission... whatever it takes. Lois was also doing this so Chloe wouldn't have to which is also very Lois-y.

And, um, could she be any hotter?!

I'll save the rest of the Exposed stuff for my 'Lois messes with Clark's sexuality post'.

10. Her absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Damn DC for restricting the number of eps she can be in per season! But one thing it does do is make me look forward to the Lois eps all the more... and maybe the same is true for Clark. After bitching about having to share a house with her, he's surprised into expressing emotion on hearing that she's moving out. Awww, Clark! You secretly miss her too!

Bonus humour pic: I found this one while searching. Remember how Lois teased Oliver about yoga? 'Glorified stretching with chants'?! What is THAT I see in a box she's moving to the Talon?! A yoga mat! Sprung!
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