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Vid rec: Short skirt/long jacket

IT's FOR ME!!!!! *cartwheels*

The most awesome-est talitha78 made me a vid! *cries of happy* For any of you who don't know her, talitha78 is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in fandom. She was so kind to newbie!Bop when I started in SV fandom. Her vids have always inspired me--particularly because they are so inventive, show so much heart and show off her quirky sense of humour as well--something that's hard to display in vidding. She's also masterful at AUs, which again I find very very hard. Not only is she an incredible vidder, but talitha78 is also incredibly generous with her feedback and support for other vidders, and she has listened to my newbie vidder fears with great patience. Her encouragement and belief in me (even when I sooo didn't have it myself) are a big part of what led to me taking the plunge into vidding myself and for that I'll always be immensely grateful. It should be ME making HER presents, dammit!

OK, ok, vid! She made me a LOIS VID!! Eeeeee!!! This makes me ten types of happy. Firstly they're rare--there are plenty of shipper vids, but not so many of Lois on her own being awesome, and also, it's a talitha78 vid so that means that it looks frakking fantastic, has great cutting and also made me burst out laughing in my office. The humour is so spot on for Lois and she's managed to capture so much of what makes her both genuinely brilliant and also hilariously, loveably daft. I can't wait to go home and watch it over and over. But in the meanwhile you should.

Lois vid! Lois vid! Lois vid! Please, please check it out! :D It is so happy-making! \o/
Tags: fandom, lois lane, personal, smallville

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