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Remedy for recovery from fainting

Today I lived up to my rep as a fainter. Despite the pathology nurse lying me down to have my blood test, I still fainted. *facepalm* My shame reaches new levels! She was left plaintively asking if at least I felt a bit better than when I sit up and then faint. I told her yes, but truthfully? No. The same sickening nausea and dizziness came over me, I lost all colour and flaked out on her while she was trying to hold a conversation with me. The nurse was very reassuring--she claims she has people of all ages and sizes fainting on her regularly.

I retired to a cafe after that and got my caffeine shot for the day with a truly wondrous cappucino.

I'm now snuggled under a blankie on my sofa and have been reading my f'list in leisurely fashion as I have a rare day off work . \o/ I decided cheerifying things were in order due to the faint, so I'm sharing some of the standouts:
- wisteria_ posted picspam of Kara Thrace's natural beauty.
- pandora_576 has made two beautifully uplifting BSG vids. You can find both of them here.
Free is a glorious ensemble piece--Lola is wonderful at selecting emotionally resonant clips and this vid is full of them. It's moving and mood-lifting.
Faith Alive is a Kara vid, which delves into her dark areas but which has a beautifully hopeful message despite that--and the clips match they lyrics so seemlessly you'd swear they'd been written for each other in places. *g*
I still need to leave proper feedback for these--but I recommend both of them to fellow BSG-viewers suffering the hiatus drought.
- brokenmnemonic wrote a post-Crossroads drabble that he claims is just a rough draft, and which is rather angsty, but which made me happyful anyway since it was pitch-perfect Lee.
- These were posted some time ago but they made me so happy they need pimping again: alissabobissa posted picspam of Lee facial expressions with adorable captioning, appreciative of Lee in all his many guises: part one, part 2A and part 2B.
- indigo419 has cute Kara/Lee exhibitionism ficlets.

SV fandom is quiet at the moment. *pokes it disconsolately* But THIS is gold:
- Snagged from several people on my f'list: The Gayest Superman/Batman comic EVA. This amused me endlessly and cannot be pimped enough. Firstly, the writer gets points for coining the term 'whine-spree'--I'm going to have to adopt that one. ;-) Secondly, this: every time something like this happens in this comic, you think that it cannot possibly get any more gay. But brother, we've got thirteen pages left on this trolley ride, and it just gets better from here sounds EXACTLY like Smallville to me. Every time we think it cannot get more gay, or the gay has died, WHAM! they pull out a slash classic like 'Nemesis' with its fanfictastic premise ('trapped in a cave-in'). Never, ever think it can't get gayer in the DC universe...
- and mahaliem is hosting a badfic drabble-a-thon--always amusing! :-)

Oh, and don't feel too sorry for me with the fainting. I got hot dreams to compenstate. :-p
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