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Vid rec: Everybody needs somebody...

It's not very happyful out there on LJ at the moment, or at least that's the impression I've had since I got back from leave. (Haha, yeah, I do think of 'leave' from LJ that formally!) It's not just this new SixApart/LJ business; a lot of folks on my f'list are experiencing bad news or difficult times. And this week has had its share of emotional shocks for me as well.

So what better time than to share one of those things that fandom does well: making us smile at the cute and funny. This vid has probably already been recced to death while I was gone, but it made me so joyful, it demanded to be pimped.

norah won lithiumdoll in the Sweet Charity auction earlier this year, and Everybody needs somebody to love (by the Blues Brothers) is the result. It's multifandom, and spans an amazing number of fandoms. There's something in there for everyone! My own biggest *squeeee* moments were for the inclusion of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Jeeves & Wooster, Highlander and The West Wing, and also for the choice of clip for BSG. But the due South bit was damn cute too. *nudges kristiinthedark* In the interests of full disclosure (shuddup! I've been interviewing all day, k?) I should warn you that there's no Smallville, but do not let this stop you watching this! It is MADE OF HAPPY. Go watch this great tribute to fannish love and put a grin on your face!
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