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Vid recs: Vividcon vids

Recently I've been plagued by some computer problems that have made vidding an impossibility. I think I've got on top of them now, but in the interim, my vidding 'hiatus' conveniently coincided with the release of vids post-vividcon. Things may be quiet fannishly in general in the hiatus, but it's felt like there's been a vid explosion in the last week--and not just from VVC. I've seen some fabulous non-VVC vids as well and will rec them soon too. I still have heaps more to watch, but in the meanwhile, here's some preliminary recs of VVC vids I have enjoyed so far:

My Filthy Mind by sol_se (multifandom vid)
sol_se describes this vid as 'a multi-fandom free association, stream of consciousness. With dancing.' However, I like to think of it as 'Faith Lehane holds a dance party... and all the cool people come. :D Of course!' It's energetic, mesmerising and upbeat--a really unique treat!

Vogue by Luminosity (300 vid, to--yes, you read right--'Vogue' by Madonna)
Luminosity's awesome vid-editing shines in this, er, spectacularly indescribable vid. I'm pretty sure it could safely be described as 'crack'. Of the highest quality, of course. ;) Seriously. Watch it. It has to be seen to be believed.

The Trouble with Poets by anoel (Highlander, Duncan/Methos vid)
I know I have a few Highlander fans on my f'list, and for you guys I highly recommend this vid--it was a great trip down memory lane for me. (Oh, Methos!) The song choice is fabulous for them and the editing's great. This is one of the strongest Highlander vids I've seen.

Quantum theory by aycheb (Children of Men)
I cannot even begin to convey my excitement that aycheb has made a Children of Men vid... and to a Jarvis song, no less! *dies happy* The movie blew me away, and I'd been toying with my own CoM vid until my computer issues... well I no longer need to do so because this vid captures the spirit of the movie perfectly. Gorgeous imagery, great editing.

Meet me on the other side by obsessive24 (House, Chase character study)
Again, my squee levels were through the roof with this one. I love Chase (despite/because of the strange character construction) and this vid actually takes him seriously as a character, capturing his internal struggle perfectly. That makes it sound terribly earnest, but don't let that put you off--if you're a House fan at all curious about Chase, I'd recommend this vid as an insightful, reflective and fascinating character study. It looks gorgeous too.

obsessive24 has also made a Carnivale vid: Jesus for the Jugular. I don't know the show but this vid was very powerful. Definitely heed the warning for disturbing content, though.

I'll have more vid recs soon soon, including fandom-specific recs for Smallville and BSG, since there have been some brilliant vids coming out of those fandoms recently, as always
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