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Character Study Challenge: Ze Plan

Thanks to everyone who voted in the character study poll. It's not too late to do so!

I'm comforted to hear that it's not just me who finds it hard to define 'character study'. *g* However, some people's definitions were much better than mine!
- "a character study tends to focus on a particular character rather than a relationship, and any plot action is more for the sake of illustrating character traits than for other purposes." (norwich36)
- "a piece of work that helps illuminate or define some aspect of a character" (transtempts)
- "a piece that explores (an aspect of) the internal life of a character by extrapolating from the information we get from canon" (mskatej)
- "a piece that's primarily interested in letting us get to know a character better" (slinkling)

I am only slightly daunted undaunted! A Character Study Challenge will be held. :) This is a rough outline of my plan:
1. Collect prompts from Saturday 8 September on--prompts to specify fandom, character (anything goes, even RPF), and a short sentence prompt if you want to be specific.
2. Post masterlist of prompts (15 September).
3. Submissions: enter as many times as you want, multiple people can use the same prompt and you can even use your own prompt!
4. Challenge to close three weeks later on 6 October. I'll create a masterlist post of all the entries submitted during that time.
If it's successful, we can do another round (I know the timing's an issue for several people.)

So get thinking about your prompts! Who do you want to read about?! Which character do you desperately want to see a vid about?!

And if you think it's a good idea: pimp it to your f'list! The more participants, the more chance there is that you'll get that breathtaking Dean piece you've been imagining, the fic exploring Clark's emotions about Martha's miscarriage or the Sally Sparrow vid you've been longing for! *G*
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