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Thank yous and reminder

I am all glowy from the feedback on Middleman: I had honestly abandonned all hope of provoking such amazing, thinky, insightful responses from people. You guys ROCK! BSG fans (and Lee fans in particular) FTW! \o/ I'm so chuffed it resonated with some of you--I knew it wouldn't be a vid for everyone but that it meant a lot to some of you means a lot to me (if that makes sense!).

And Smallville fans: in terms of number of prompts, you guys are beating all other fandoms so far in my character study challenge. I'm very amused. Dying fandom? Obviously not! ;)

It's fascinating seeing the prompts come in and I've been delighted to see them from so many varied fandoms/sources. There's a good range of BSG, BtVS, AtS, FNL, DW and DS prompts and a very wide range of prompts overall. But we can still have MORE! So this is a little reminder that I'm accepting prompts until midnight Saturday. That's my time so it's 2pm London time and 9am NY time. And while I probably won't mind if some come in 'overnight' my time, I will definitely be cutting them off Sunday morning so that I can collate them all and get the big list posted. :) So if you've been meaning to leave prompts and haven't, make sure you remember before Saturday! Especially if you have something specific in mind that you want to do. And remind your friends as well. :) The more the merrier!
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