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Smallville Season 7

It's nearly here! I kind of can't believe it. I've kept myself so well insulated from spoilers all hiatus, it feels a little unreal to me that the show is actually starting again this week. I know only one thing about the new season--a casting spoiler--and I'm happy to keep it that way. I have NO CLUE how they will get out of the end-of-season cliffhanger (except that it will probably make no sense!) but it will be great to see them try...

There are many things I'd like to see in Season 7. Most of them probably won't happen but it's fun to wish/speculate...
1. Clark to take his shirt off more. (in honour of mahaliem, of course!)
2. Lois to get a frontpage Daily Planet story.
3. Clark and Lois to get it on. :D (I don't care if it's under the influence of RedK or whatever. It would be GREAT. And oh, so funny!)
4. Chloe to get over Clark and realise that Jimmy is a REALLY great catch.
5. Lex to get Clark on the lab table. :D
6. Oliver to return, at least briefly.
7. Clark to finally be convinced that Jor-El's training may actually have some value.. and to actually UNDERTAKE said training.
8. Martha and Lionel to get it on and Clark to walk in on them... oh, wait, she's left, hasn't she? :( Boo!
9. Lana to live alone, sans boyfriend (either on SV or off-screen).
10. Lex to be sexily badass in every episode, please. No more of this emo-ing around, I've had enough of it!

Things I would love to tally:
1. Numbers of coffees consumed on Smallville.
2. Numbers of deaths (by character who caused them).
3. Number of guys Lex has tortured, coerced or otherwise taken advantage of.
4. Number of cars wrecked.
5. Number of times someone has entered another character's house/loft/flat/workplace without knocking.
6. Number of times Chloe has improbably hacked into some high tech computer system.
7. Number of times Clark has gone Pfft! on someone.
8. Number of times the word 'destiny' is used.
9. Number of phallic object metaphors, per episode.
10. Number of glasses of alcohol consumed by Lex. (I betcha it's exponential growth through the seasons!)

Ten random Smallville moments I heart for their WTF-ness:
1. Clark proposes to Shelby.
2. 'Byron belongs in the cellar' (I still can't watch that ep without crying with laughter! BYRON, for fuck's sake!)
3. Season 6 finale begins in nineteenth-century country Quebec, for reasons I STILL don't understand!
4. 'The crown's mine, bitch!'
5. The tractor-toss in 'Perry'.
6. Mid-air Clark/Zod superfuck.
7. Lex and Jason get mutually tortured in a Chinese prison.
8. Clark's dad teaches him masturbatory control in 'Heat' (with a special mention for the popcorn explosion!)
9. Clark decides the ultimate rebellion would be to go live in Lex's condo... with Lex.
10. The Teagues and their random incestuousness. Genevieve/Jason OTP. LOL. (JOKING!)
Special mention: the entire episode of 'Devoted' (Lex buys his boyfriend's football team, Clark pretends to be attracted to cheerleaders, Lois uses Clark as sexual 'bait'...)

Care to add to any of the lists with suggestions of your own?! Be my guest! :D
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