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Challenge deadline and brief chatter

Real life is still beating up Boppy, so I'm keeping this short. :)

Quick reminder that the Character Study Challenge closes this Saturday October 6. Today we got the first vid entries which was very exciting! There's still time to contribute and so as to be fair to all of you not first into the future like us Australians, I should clarify that the competition will close at midnight LA time (which is actually 5pm on Sunday here in Australia). Hopefully that little extra time will help any of you running late. ;)

Still grabbing time here and there to watch the new shows. I was very happy with the second episode of Chuck--I found it, if anything, more amusing than the first one. Adam Baldwin is pleasing me greatly and I enjoyed Chuck's hapless confusion about who to trust. it's certainly not deep, this show, but the comedy's of a style I enjoy. I really like all the little computer nerd jokes in it too--I loved the flying the helicopter scene for example. It's such a cute idea that all that playstation-ing could pay off. ;)

Bionic Woman... um, Michelle was hot in the training scene? I'm trying to keep my claws in and not bitch about what a terrible job she's doing. So I'll restrict myself to saying that I think the show would be a whole lot more fun if she had any ability to play a line for comedy. But Katee, once again, stole the show. Though I'm yet to be convinced that there's much depth to the plot or characters. Slight bonus? I actually really like the bratty little sister. Weird!

Heroes. Gah! Where to start? Same same as last week but with more dismemberment? I am not at all happy with this whole evil-twins scenario: especially with the girl playing the helplessly evil one and brother coming to the rescue. I see that the drawcard of the episode was Peter tied up and tortured and then getting to be all saviour-y (while still being internally tortured). In theory this is better than last season's emo fringe and accompanying self-indulgence, but somehow I can't get that excited.

Nathan needs to lose the beard. Yesterday.

See you on the flipside of Smallville!
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