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BSG S4 promo

A brief interlude from the Garden Party: thank you to my entire friendslist (hee!), led by wisteria_, for alerting me to the new S4 promo for BSG. I have been fidgeting at my desk ALL DAY waiting to get home to watch it and squeeeeee!!! *claps hands delightedly* That 'We're going the wrong way!' scream at the end was AWESOME. Definitely got my heart racing! As did Roslin with a gun and pilot huggage. Pilot HUGGAGE! Please, please, please, I am begging that that's their reunion hug and that it is not interrupted by alternapartners in any way.

So yes. Much love for promo! But would I be a terrible awful annoying fangirl if I said I wished there had been a little more Lee? *hides*

Promo: Last season Starbuck returned
Promo: 4 were revealed, 1 remains unknown
Boppy: Eeek! *bites nails* *bounces*
Promo: Baltar was released but not forgiven.
Boppy: Yes! Yes! And LEE WAS AWESOME! *waits*
Promo: *flashy sequence of much excitement*
Boppy: \o/ Oh, I spotted Lee for a fraction of a second!
Promo: Destiny is not what it seems.
Boppy: ...
Boppy: ... Maybe? And also: WHERE'S LEE!!!!? :(

*giggles* I know, I know... I'm an ungrateful brat. :p I just... wanted more Lee. I'll shut up now. Especially since I don't want to know any spoilers beyond the promo. It's nerve-wracking enough!

Oh, and I hope to see more BSG fans at my Garden Party. I know Garden Parties don't sound very Battlestar-y, but you should totally come gatecrash it in your Vipers or something. *nods* :D
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