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K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!

Garden Party: Fandom 'tasters'

Hi all! *waves merrily* Thank you to everyone making this a success so far!

Garden Party Round-up so far:
introduction post
Promenade (picspam)
Flowers for fandom love meme--give flowers to your favourite people in fandom!

Today, give us a 'taste' of your particular fandom! Why is your fandom so awesome? Tell us about the best fic, meta, vids, art or squee-material! You'll be celebrating your fandom, helping newbies and possibly converting people--all at the same time! :D

Perhaps you want to tell us why you've stayed loyal to one fandom for so long. Or perhaps you've just started watching a new show and want to increase interest in it. Or maybe there's just some overlooked awesomeness on your friendslist that you think everyone should know about!

So let's set the buffet table and layout some nibblies!
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