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Television updates

This weekend I baked cupcakes, hit myself on the head with a plank of wood (it hurts!) and spent way too much time sorting out other people's problems. It's one week until my holiday (two weeks off to vid--woot! SHUDDUP!) and I don't know how I'm going to crawl through five more work days.

I'm definitely falling for Pushing Daisies. I know some people are finding it 'too much' and it certainly is cutesy, but the quirks really work for me and I'm finding Ned rather scrumptiously irresistible. I am really glad we're still getting backstory on his childhood--I had thought that was simply for the Pilot.

The chemistry between Ned and Chuck is just adorable. I love the way they have to signal their movements to each other so they don't bump! I bump things all the time--I'd be dead again in a day!

More love: for the writing and, particularly, Ned's delivery on his lines. 'Did I say 'can' because I swallow my consonants sometimes?' made me ADORE him. Something about his posture in that scene made me want to squish him.

And I started to enjoy Chuck a lot more in this episode. Her quirky nature is really starting to shine and some of the details really tickled me: the 'cheesebox' (heaven!) and the language-learning (omgthatissome *dies*). I'm also loving her clothes and general sense of style. :) She's cutely old-fashioned but that's balanced by her level-headedness, her sunny disposition and the way she take everything in her stride.

Loving Emerson Cod too! The knitting is too adorable. And I loved his frustration with Chuck and her confidence that she'll bend him to her charm.

I thought the guest star (the dandelion) was really cute and quirky too. Her pie obsession was somehow adorable, even though also tragic. One thing though: when Chuck said 'that girl's got a whole secret life in the bathroom and I know how she feels' it was hard for me not to conclude that she too had bulimia--after all, she's JUST as skinny!

One character I really don't like: Olive. You could cut her out completely as far as I'm concerned. She's pointless and annoying, and she sings too?! Kill me now!

Bionic Woman is paaaaaiiiining me. I'm now at the stage of fast forwarding to Katee's scenes and I never ever do that with shows. I hate all characters except her's and that's probably not a good thing given that she's psychopathic. *facepalm* I just can't stomach the show though--the misogyny, the bad writing, the poor acting, the boring support cast, the nonsensical world details (don't get me started on the martial arts!), it's just too much bad for me to swallow. I'm kind of looking forward to vids just so that I don't have to put up with the peripheral annoyances, because Katee IS great.

Chuck, however, is tickling me. (Is it weird that the three shows I like this season ALL have a character called Chuck? Yes, I think so.) It's just so easy and entertaining to watch. And the fight sequences are well-choreographed and they play with the conventions to great comic effect. I'm really enjoying Casey--he's fantastically scary and sarcastic. It definitely gives me a giggle every week.

I'm suckered to Gossip Girl and I don't even care! \o/ Serena and Blair totally pwned me this week, and I was so glad they made up at the end. Blair's really grown on me--I love that we got to see just why she's so jealous of Serena. Because Serena is far more natural and there's no question that Blair was too uptight to sell the clothes well. The casting on this show is impeccable. Also, the Nate-Chuck relationship seems to be taking a turn for the slashy, and that can only be a good thing.

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