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Smallville 7.06 Lara

Hmm. That was... odd.

I'm pretty there for Kryptonian backstory, but I'm not really sure this was what I was looking for. It was a little melodramatic or something. I didn't really like the actress who played Lara either. Her looks are not ones I find naturally attractive so she felt too 'constructed' to me. I also found that my thoughts on this week's ep are quite disjointed. So I have more a series of observations than a coherent reading of this episode. Apologies in advance!

So Zor-El was the emotive brother. Interesting. My theory that all Kryptonians are quite emotionally aloof is debunked to some extent. However it's possible that he's an exception--he's cast as emotionally unstable so perhaps it's not GOOD for Kryptonians to be this expressive/dramatic. It's interesting that he gives his daughter the 'destiny' line at the same time as he's so determined to control his own and Lara's destiny. That kind of strange dichotomy between what he says he believes and what he actually does (and the reasons for which he does it) made him heavily paralleled to Lex in my mind. Especially when they played the 'we could rule this planet together' idea.

Of course that line also echoed the message Clark heard from the ship back in Season Two: 'rule them with strength'. I'm not really sure how I feel about that. Zor-El was clearly a villain figure--he'd tried to kill his own brother to marry his wife who clearly wasn't actually in love with him anyway. He was delusional. And yet we're not supposed to believe that his desire to rule Earth was unique to him? It was a goal of Jor-El's too? This just felt a bit off to me. I've always expected that 'rule them with strength' would be decoded one day as a mistranslation or misunderstanding--that it was really meant to be 'guide them' or something equivalent. So hearing those words from the mouth of a true villain was a bit perplexing.

Zor-El's 'if not now than one day through my science' line just made me LOL. I didn't think the actor was very good and it was one of those lines that only Michael could pull off without it seeming farcical. The sexualising of science though, and the way that he talked so reverentially about her DNA was again a real reminder of Lex and how he tried to clone Lana so they could be together at any cost.

And wow! They pulled the Memoria treatment on Kara. And it was extra creepy with the intravenous technique. I actually really appreciated that it turned out that both J'onn and Kara were telling the truth. I found it pretty creepy to watch Kara and Lara in the Kents' kitchen and found it hard to get past that.

Clark's rescue of Kara was pretty dramatic. It was brave of him to confront so much green K directly and it seems like his tolerance for it has gone up since he really fought against the crippling nature of it on him very effectively. And his power-punch to the chest to revive her was awesome. But, um, how did he know to do that? *headtilt*

The other thing that worked for me about this plot is that Kara's experience of learning the truth about her father is the opposite of Clark's. Clark started out by viewing Jor-El as a pure villain but is coming to learn that there's more to him than that. Kara started out thinking her father was a god, but has learnt he had a hidden dark past.

I would have loved to have seen Martha uncover a photo of a random blonde in the back of her portrait. There would have been some interesting conversations with Jonathan--hee hee hee!

Loved Kara running into a plane! So cute and at least someone gets to fly on this show! But wow that girl is the opposite of subtle. Seeing her play the lab technician was amusing but painful at the same time. In a completely different way, she's as clumsy as Clark first was when he started using his powers to investigate things. She's also completely driven by her own agenda--not balanced by any morality. I thought seeing Kara loose on her own showed a good contrast to the way Clark (nearly) always had others balancing him or reminding him of his values. I liked seeing that the genuine nature of her affections for Jimmy meant she went back and apologised to him though.

Jimmy was wonderful in this episode. I was really gratified to see someone appreciating him. I think Clark and Chloe gave him too much of a hard time about not telling them about Kara's interest in the space ship--he doesn't know she's an alien! When he did think she was in some sort of trouble, he DID tell them. His 'you are a very mysterious girl' call in response to Kara hacking into national security was really adorable.

Cute kiss between the two of them though doing it right at Chloe's desk was a bit much! And it was pretty painful that Chloe walked in right then. I'm glad Chloe was restrained in what she said to Jimmy to warn him--she wasn't very critical of Kara and that's good. But there's really nothing that Chloe can say in this situation.

Lionel: THE HAND! OMG, the hand. *dies* You know when that trap thing happened last week, I didn't think for a moment that it was so they could do that. Wow. This show still brings out the surprises. I found it really chilling, especially when he hugged Clark.

The Clark-Lionel dynamic was weird. Clark is amicable but he doesn't share the truth with Lionel which seems like a mistake given that he knows Lionel and J'onn J'onzz are in touch with each other anyway. It seems naive of Clark to think Lionel doesn't already know everything. Tsk! He demonstrated in the rest of that exchange that he still has uncanny knowledge about ... everything! He knows all about that Domestic Security project.

Domestic Security Guy was very creepy. I guess now that Lex is not being villain!Lexy, we need someone to take on that mantle. He did quite well, especially with his creepy Kryptonite handcuffs. And of course he referred to Lex as 'so blinded by devotion he couldn't see the danger you (Kara) pose this planet'. Actually we know that Lex DOES view Kara (and Clark) as a potential threat. But only if he can't win their affection.

Lex: time to give up your fixation with Clark?
I'm really in to Lex again this season. (talitha78's Cobrastyle vid has helped escalate my squee exponentially as well!!) It was great fun seeing him alpha it over Domestic Security Guy. He clearly thinks he's above even the government. Ah, Lex. Your ego is incredible but somehow it's wonderful to watch.

Beautiful performance from Michael in the scene where Domestic Security Guy (really must get a name!) arrested Kara too. It was great to see Kara bust into the mansion, and I was all ready to give her points for actually disabling the security (unlike Clark) but turns out that wasn't her. Indeed, it would seem out of character for her to do so since she's far more reckless than Clark and superspeeds into the room. (Part of me REALLY wishes Lex had seen that!) I really want to know how long Domestic Security Dude had been hanging out in Lex's mansion! How did he know Kara was going to turn up right then?

I also am always fond of seeing Lex lose it with people on the phone. :D He really shows a different side of himself in phone conversations--that restrained wry humour is abandonned and he's much more with the direct yelling. *giggles* It's a good thing he never rang Clark when they were friends... speaking of which, the Clex scene was most enjoyable. I loved how Lex's first words were 'take it easy, Clark!' Get them in quick before the alien thumps you! ;) I also loved how passionate he was with his 'I swear!' And Clark's silent jaw-clench in response to 'why would they arrest her?' was brilliant. But I wish they wouldn't cut away from these moments. One day I want to see Lex's eyeroll at Clark's silence.

Best line of the episode: Don't you think it's time to give up your fixation with Clark and everyone connected to him?

Wow, Lionel. Way to reduce an entire marriage, and two seasons of Lex courting Lana, as a footnote in the history of Lex's obsession with Clark! Not that i disagree with that reading, but still. Wow. And it triggered Lex into more active anger than he usually shows with Lionel these days. Michael's delivery of 'so that's it? your fatherly advice for the day?' was beautiful. And I really liked him calling Lionel on the way that he is more a father to Clark than to Lex these days.

The big lines just kept coming in that scene--I can't believe Lex actually verbalised that he had modelled his relationship with Lana directly on that of Lionel with Lillian. As always, Lionel as a strong read on Lex--he CAN fool himself. But Lex also has a read on Lionel. The two feel far more equal these days. And I had to laugh at Lionel saying Lex wasn't the same man any more because he was more competent now. Hee!

I REALLY want to know what Lana's up to with Isis. I don't believe her plans are all good and I think that 'right angle' that Chloe spoke of does exist. However that scene didn't work for me very well since it seems impossible that Lana would buy that Chloe would be happy about her supporting the meteor-infected. I hope she clues on that that was odd. And while I understand why Lana asked Chloe not to tell Clark anything, I don't think she should feel particularly confident that Chloe won't. Their friendship is in an odd place post-non-death of Lana and I sort of wanted more from this scene.

Finally a note to Clark: Honey, are you COMPLETELY batshit? You're going to resurrect your mother. Wow, you're a lot more like Lex than I thought. I get that you've always craved connection with your true parents, flesh and blood ones, not fortresses. But just have a think about this for a moment! Waaah!

On the other hand, I can't WAIT to see what Jor-El has to say about this... *rubs hands in anticipation of another restrained Fortress slapdown*
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  • Vidspiration

    FINALLY!!! Have vid idea for expressing what I feel I need to about Game of Thrones! But will it translate at all to others? And do I care?

  • Celebrating!

    Getting ready for freece's book launch of Captive Prince, and listening to her interview on Melbourne's JOY FM... So proud of my BFF! \o/ This…

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