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20 November 2007 @ 12:02 am
Dexter 2.08  
It's late and hot and I can't sleep--it kind of feels like it could be Miami--and it's probably NOT a good idea for me to be watching 'Dexter' when I'm home alone, insomniac and prone to nightmares. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of Deb's book and go work out for a while. Nah, meta's more appealing.

I am SO addicted to this season. Sheesh! My heart was totally in my mouth with Doakes snooping round Dex's apartment. And he's found the stash of blood samples?! Eeeeks!

But it's Deb I really watch this show for and I was glowing for her re. her date with Lundy. They're a weird OTP but they seem perfect for each other. She's so dead cute. I love that she wore pants on her date, and swore and fidgeted awkwardly and got turned on by him bossing her in the kitchen. I want her to be happy and I'm almost more worried about that than Dex getting found out! I adore her so much I can't be coherent or interesting about her--I just want to go 'eeeee! I love her'!

Lila freaks me out. That shadow of her in Rita's house was really really creepy. I was so relieved Dexter came to the rescue and that he's sussed on about her. I also greatly enjoyed the Deb-Lila bitchiness. Deb's so catty when she hates someone but I love how she doesn't hold back in slagging off Lila. I find Lila compelling to watch but I think if I knew her in real life, I'd be right there with Deb re. her being 'gross'. Especially if she was shagging my brother and stealing my shirts. On another level the kitchen scene was very funny as Dexter is a pushover for both these women--they both get away with a lot where he's concerned so no wonder they view each other as rivals.

I love that Doakes put two and two together about the blood work on that case, but I wonder if him flying out of the room like that will leave Lundy suspicious. Lundy's turning out to be a great character in his own right as I'm convinced he won't leap to simple, hasty conclusions. It seems inevitable that Dexter will get caught at some stage and then, yikes, I fear for Deborah.

As usual I'm disconnected from Dexter as a character--I was pleased at a symbolic level that he got to kill his mother's killer, but also seriously disturbed by the method in which he did so--he literally became the killer from the nightmare he lived as a child. *shudders*

Random note: BSG fans, please consider helping the hiatus drought and leaving prompts for the first challenge at bsg_hiatusthon! (I totally need to go leave mine!)
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K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Dexterbop_radar on November 20th, 2007 01:34 am (UTC)
Yes, her pyromania was pretty confronting and I'd always suspected from the way she talked that she'd done some pretty disturbing things (more than just the one fire she talked about) but they've shown her to be very extreme. In some ways that's appropriate as she's been cast as Dexter's equal and his own secrets are so very dark.

I think she's a young woman who never got the real love she needed from her father and I think a big part of what she's getting from him is a wonderful father figure, but is that a good foundation for a romantic relationship?
I honestly don't know. Relationships can sometimes work even if they're based on those sorts of issues. On the other hand, it may be that she's working through her father issues with him and will then move on. I'm not sure they can know going into it (so I'm ok with not knowing as an audience member too).

He might as well have placed a dvd of him commiting the murders!
It's that classic trope of the serial killer always needing some kind of memento. I was always fine with them including that on the show since they play with those tropes so well. But I'm also glad it's his undoing because, yes, it's a total weakspot. I think those are really important to him in terms of making what he does a controlled procedure and thereby justifying it to an extent to himself. By uncovering the samples that illusion will be stripped away and that's an exciting (if nerve-wracking!) prospect.