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NTM vid-watching challenge: day 2

The last 24 hours have sucked for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. :( I have prescribed myself Federer (tennis god!) + Portishead (they're back! how exciting is that?!). So far it's kinda working.

Before I get to the vid recs, I feel I should say something about the recent drama at sv_ledger. Everything you don't really want to need to know about it is in this post. I have nothing to hide about my involvement, and I'm happy to answer anyone's questions about my part in what happened or anything generally about how the Ledger works. ciaan has written a great post about how she personally collects links. Each of the editors has their own working methods, but we all strive to create a quality fandom newsletter in as fair and impartial a way as possible--and having six very different editors is definitely a big part of that. Believe me, we don't all agree with one another on everything, and there is no evil masterplan. Finally, thank you to everyone who has replied in supportive fashion to skuf's post.

On to vids...

My NTM vidder of the day is shoopdancer--a vidder I hadn't heard of until yesterday but who is both a fellow Aussie and really prolific. I picked out these two vids:
- Million Ways to Be Cruel, a Gossip Girl vid focussing on Blair from Chuck's point of view. It's a perfect song choice, with some really cute snappy editing. And I also loved the pink border--gave me nostalgia for melodramatic 80s teen movies. :)
- You're an Ocean, a Chuck vid for Sarah/Chuck. Again, I thought the song choice was excellent for the subject matter--tonally it seemed to really match Chuck's awkward romantic feelings for Sarah. In both cases, these vids drew well on a limited number of episodes.

And yeah, I'm still a day behind, but I shall make up for it on the weekend! *nods* Check out other people's recs in this challenge here.
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