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NTM vid challenge: days 3-4

This post is my catch-up post so that I'm actually back on track with this challenge. :D Therefore today I am posting recs from TWO new-to-me vidders.

The first is Holly Gilmore, watcher_junior on LiveJournal. This is her website, where I found a couple of lovely Doctor Who vids:
- Chemistry, which was a fun hype vid. This song is being used everywhere at the moment but I did think it suited the new Who well. And the cute usage of dialogue from the show really lifted this vidlet!
- How to save a life, another Martha-centric vid (yay!). I was impressed with how well this vid showed the way the Doctor kept his emotional walls up around Martha and didn't let her in. The theme of life-saving was also incredibly appropriate for Martha, as both doctor and Companion. And this song expressed her frustration within her relationship with the Doctor very aptly. Yes, it's the Doctor's tragedy, but it's also hard being the person beside him who doesn't know what to do about it but wants to help. And gah, see, the vid made me go all meta-y! :D

My second new-to-me vidder is heidi8. When I checked out her journal I was very excited to see she'd vidded to Camera Obscura. And while I'm not the biggest Rose fan in the world, I really loved the way their Modern Girl cover worked for telling Rose's story. The focus on the everyday helped to ground this vid in Rose's perspective on her own journey, and I found that easier to get into than some of the 'shippier' Rose vids out there.

And the other vid of hers which I sampled and really enjoyed is a Nathan Petrelli vid. :D Yes, I may no longer post about Heroes, but I still love Nathan. And Charm Attack serves up the goods. There's lots of Peter in there too (duh!) for those of you who like the Petrelli brothers generally. But it definitely made me 'aww' and gush over Nathan all over again.
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