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Vid rec: Cante Per Me

I am actually trying really hard not to post today because I'm crazy busy trying to do tech tidy up on two vids. However, given how maudlin I've been about BSG this week, I can't hesitate to show you something that's hooked me straight back in, for better or worse.

m_a_r_i_k_s has made the most gorgeous and intelligent ensemble vid. It does have a lot of the 'big' ships in there (Adama/Roslin and Kara/Lee) but if you're a non-shipper, please don't let that put you off because it masterfully weaves in so many of the characters we love and has lovely little riffs on their interconnectedness. And it has Kendra! (Oh, Kendra, I miss you!)

For the record, my eyes first filled with tears at 2.02 on the first watch and 1.48 on the second--yes, it gets more moving the more I watch.

This is the kind of vid that deserves an essay-length response, except that no essay could ever be so eloquent.

ETA: Oh, and Cylons! It has Cylons too. :) Sympathetic Cylons even. :p :p :p
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