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HDTV pwns Bop

Ten HD are EVIL, I tell you! EVIL. (For the non-Aussies: Ten HD is a new high definition TV channel in Australia.) They smooshed Clark and Lee together in the one ad and thereby rendered me helpless to resist them! Their super-smart marketing strategy involves sci-fi Thursday which sees Smallville and Battlestar Galactica screened back to back at 8:30 and 9:30 respectively. In shiny beautiful HD. It's like I'm their target demographic?!?! They even got Jamie Bamber to do a spiel to camera about it. And their advertising has featured Lee so heavily it's ridiculous. I mean, I'm the last person to complain, but if you watched their ads, you'd think the whole show was about him!

The prospect of watching Smallville's gorgeous visual imagery in high def was kind of irresistable. So, now I've stolen my boyfriend's laptop and am staring at Clark in close-up. :D I must say that so far it's making me marvel at the photography direction even more than ever. I'm noticing details I never saw before (wow, guys, imagine if my meta was even longer! O.O). And Clark, Lana and Lex all have amazing power on screen (alas this eppy has no Lois!).

I wonder which ep of BSG is on tonight... it better have Lee! I doubt my bf will permit two stealings of laptop so this covert flirtation with HD may be a one-off. Oh, and space battles. I want high def battles!

I've been really quiet this week. Sorry. There was some stuff... *waves hands airily*


It's been dark days for some of my OTPs recently, so I thought I'd share a few links that helped me keep the flame(s) alive:

voldything's Show Me Love is a must-see vid, integrating Season 7 footage beautifully.

wisteria_ takes all the credit here, for hosting a commemorative celebration of favourite Kara/Lee scenes and an unprecedented picspam of pilot nipples.

There's a bunch of other stuff I wanted to rec, but if I don't post now I will get sucked into HDTV and never come out again!! *watching with one eye, blogging with the other* You guys should remind me to post more often so as to avoid this scenario. *nods*

ETA: Why is there no mood icon for 'seduced'?
ETA2: Ahhhh, no BSG tonight. They're just waving BSG Lee around as the carrot. *pouts*
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