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TV round up

I thought this was a fantastic episode--very tense and very well played out. My heart bled for poor Charlie, and even though I knew his wife wasn't going to make it, it was very confronting to see her bleed to death in his arms. No, he shouldn't have rung Sarah and endangered John, but who wouldn't do the same thing in his place? I loved John going to comfort him at the end of the episode. What a sobering moment for John.

I love that Sarah went to Charlie. It's interesting to have her act irrationally for love (of a sort, at least) of Charlie so soon after John put his faith (and the world's fate) in Cameron's hands. For Sarah, it wasn't about trusting Charlie--Charlie was being played, that was clear from the beginning. But she felt she had to respond to him anyway. But nevertheless she was responding on an emotional level, doing something she felt she just had to do, no matter how irrational it was. That's not so different from what John did. I wonder if it will soften either mother or son to each other?

OMG, Chuck! You are playing such a long game... *impressed*

I was quite happy at seeing Dan get the massive slapdown. He drove me mad through the whole episode. I am sick of him blaming Serena for things that are not her fault. I'm torn, though, because I don't like his view of her being validated. On the other hand, I'm excited to see Serena take the crown from Blair.

Poor Blair: she had bigger problems to deal with. I knew the Duchess had the hots for her son--I knew it! Watching impetuous Vanessa put her foot in it was really painful. 'TRUST BLAIR!' And wow, Nate-the-manwhore is just about incapable of reprimanding anyone! I'd have been a whole lot less restrained in what I said to V. at that point in time. (I still kinda ship them though.)

Yay, Lily was back at least! But woe, Rufus has a new chickie... why did she get married again? ;)

I have never read the books the series is based on but man, this show is addictive! Somehow I am completely hypnotised despite the limited (sometimes disgustingly) trashy characters. I can see the influence of Alan Ball (of 'Six Feet Under' fame) in the direction and in how surprisingly well-realised the characters are.

But wow, this show has a LOT of sex. Mostly violent sex. It's not for the faint-hearted.

I'm completely in love with Tara (best friend of Sookie). She's like a badass version of Lois! She's opinionated, bossy, won't take shit from ANYone, calls it exactly how she sees it, is fiercely loyal and protective of her best friend, hides her low self-esteem, is romantically awkward/doomed but sexually forward. Oh, and she READS on the JOB. *loves*

My second favourite character is Lafayette, the flamboyant gay chef and drug dealer, Tara's cousin. He's gorgeous, sexy and wonderfully comfortable with himself despite living in a hick town.

I like Sam, the bar owner, and rather thought he was a werewolf, or should that be weredog? But Episode 3 provided a scene with both him and strangely-protective-of-Sookie!dog, so that theory is scrapped. He still has some kind of dog-link though. More thought required! I'm totally shipping Sam/Tara.

I'm not sure I like either Sookie or Bill but I am fascinated by them and I'm very drawn in by their romance/fatal attraction. I like Sookie's strange ways and am interested in the way her abilities have influenced her behaviour. It seems like she's built her own boundaries by necessity--but they're not at all where other people would expect. She's particularly open to vampires and lacks human remorse when people are killed to save her... that reads as repressed hatred/jealousy of 'ordinary' humans to me.

Bill is intriguing. He really does feel like someone that comes from the 1800s in his awkward mannerisms and old-fashioned clothes. The trashy threesome that showed up at his mansion in Ep 3, however, did not feel like that. Ick! I was very relieved that they don't actually live with him, but wow he left that save of Sookie late...

I hate, hate, hate her brother and hope he gets the smackdown he deserves. I was sad barchick copped it. I liked her so much after she threatened to shoot Sookie's brother.

And overall I love the atmosphere and world-creation. There are some implausabilities (um, how exactly have the vampires kept their weaknesses secret now they are public?) but also lots of lovely detail, and it feels like a very fresh take on the vampire myth.

Oh, and quick folllow-up to this post: I'm planning to make weekly vidding meta-chat posts on Sundays my time (Saturday US).
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