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Don't die of shock

But I'm posting about a BSG thing.

I couldn't resist it! When I first heard there were deleted scenes from 4.0 I must admit that my heart sank. I really didn't want to see any more of that abysmal mess. But... pilots... waaah... I am weeeeeeeeak! So despite my self-imposed BSG 'diet' (no BSG for a whole month!), I watched the extended version of the brig scene. And loved it. :)

Back pre-stompyness about the show, I made a rather OTT post about that scene, so for old-times sake I thought I'd record my thoughts on this extended version, which has some lovely/different touches.

I really liked Kara's comment about the wear and tear on the flight deck--and the little nose-wrinkle that came after it. It was piloty banter, but packed full of affection and the nose wrinkle seemed to say 'you know, I mean you'll be missed by the crew'. That was a lovely ego-stroke for Lee because he really doesn't think he'd be missed as a pilot (not in comparison to Kara, as he's quick to point out)--for good or bad reasons. ;)

The longer version makes it clearer that Lee and Kara knew what was going on with the other one. Kara knew that Lee was leaving before he came to visit her, and I think that does help explain to me some of her awkwardness and tension in the scene. She's never been very good at goodbyes and she's knows that's what this is from the start. No wonder she's teasing Lee and trying to break the tension.

What does Lee know? His 'we both know that's a lie' line could mean he knows that Adama's going to let her out and give her a ship. That would explain why he was willing (if still sad) to leave her. Even if he doesn't know all the exact details it shows his faith in Kara and her destiny and works really well for that reason. Kara's face falling after her initial 'yeah, well...' broke my heart. She was still scared, and Lee looked like he wanted to stay and comfort her.

They hang on to each other's hand for THIRTY-SIX SECONDS. Hee! That's a really long time. :D

To me it seemed even more obvious in this version that Lee was looking for an excuse to stay/turn back/kiss Kara. I still love that Kara called out to him, and the line about going the wrong way was so *her*.

While I liked the simplicity of 'I believe you' in the short version (and kudos for it being an elegant way to cut that scene down, if they *had* to cut it down), I preferred the line 'you'll make them believe you'. It still displayed Lee's utter faith in Kara, but it goes further and resonates well with his 'we both know that's a lie' line. The subtext of both is that nothing will ever stop Kara--she's his beacon and she's the fleet's beacon and he knows that she can trump all the odds.

He gave her the Aurora statuette!!! *SQUEEEEEE* That's definitely my favourite addition to the scene. Lee + meaningful inanimate objects = happy!Bop

And he got in a little snark about Adama. Heh heh heh. Of course, the thing is, I think the statuette really DID mean a lot to Lee, and him giving it to Kara and going off without anything from either his dad or Kara... that gives me butterflies in my stomach for him. Lee needs his talismans. But I think he realised Kara needed something more. He wanted to give her reassurance so BADLY, and he offers her his words, his faith (in her) and his kisses but it's not enough.

I love the way Kara can't really look at him directly even though their hands are wrapped around the statue, and the way she whispers 'ok'. Lee keeps staring at her until she looks back though and she's so vulnerable and open in her expression.

Oh, and her little face crumples when he leaves! *breaks*

That scene was scrummy. If the rest of season 4 turns out to be as depressy and nonsensical as looks likely, I shall end my personal BSG canon here. :D
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