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Smallville 8.04 Instinct

Ok, having got the big rant out of the way, let's talk about the stuff I liked and/or loved about this ep... I'm going to sound schizophrenic here because I honestly did love this episode.

Queen of Almanac? Almarak? Anorak, Almorack? I don't know WTF planet that is. But it amused me greatly, and so did Maxima. She was awesome! Completely melodramatic and ridiculous, but in the best of ways: and smokin' hot. And she just totally sizzled with Clark. I adore her! She can shoot in from Almanac (*snerk*) any time she likes (and was that a suggestion from Clark that she might be back? I think so!). Dear god, the HOT of that lift!sex scene! Mrroaaaw!

I agree with Lois: Clark did need to mix things up a bit there, and Maxima proved the perfect new 'flavour'. Ok, no, I don't think she's his soulmate or good for him long term, but Clark hasn't loosened his top button for a long time now, but long-term fans know how irresistable he is when he gets his sexy on.

Maxima's character is OTT, but I kind of really got into her story. I find the hilarity of her hanging around waiting for a beacon marking where her perfect lover is sort of adorable--and the actress really did a good job. She was both quirky and charismatic. Her clumsiness on Planet Earth seemed ridiculous in the opening scene but when explained further had some actual pathos for me. I liked the touches like having her be genuinely regretful about Jimmy. She liked him! She saw his sweetness! He came the closest of any humans to attracting her.

And oh, I just loved it when she spotted Clark in slow-motion. Everything about them together was just sizzling--the insta!chemistry, out of this world.

How did she know he loves lift!sex and getting shoved against walls? Maybe she truly is his soulmate! His sexual one, at any rate... God, when she groped his chest in the lift! *fans self* Clark chest! We got it so early this season!

I was genuinely blown away that he could turn away from her for anyone, they had played the irresistable attraction so convincingly. In the farewell scene, I felt Clark was in AGONY. Doesn't she know that 'no' just means 'try harder' with Clark? (Where's Lex when you need him?!) Less flippantly, I thought it was really well-written and well acted. Maxima's lines were perfectly pitched to appeal to Clark--he's always loved the idea of destined love, he's always loved the idea of soulmates, and he feels alone and wonders if he can ever successfully have a sexual relationship with anyone... Oh, Clark! *pats the woobie* The line 'as desperate as I was to find a mate' did kind of crack me up though. ;)

My destiny is here
Clark rocked this episode, and that line delighted me (even though it meant banishment of Maxima! *sniff*). He's grown so much! I loved that he was able to fight against her here emotionally and intellectually, to stay strong in his convictions and his heroism, to stay true to his own journey and not get led astray. My, he has grown a long way from the impressionable young 14 year old we met 8 years ago!

In other ways we got some old-school Clark in this episode: he got his shirt ripped off, he got his slut on, and he did a lot of moping around about Lana in this episode. I loved all of it--even/especially the moping! I am in a very Clarky place these days and I am lapping that stuff up. I love it when someone says something that is vaguely associative with Lana and/or relationships in general and he goes off into a daydream about the break-up. He just wallows so well (and so prettily!). I am helpless! (And I kind of hoped Lana would show up unexpectedly. *sniffle*)

Beautiful performance from Tom! And he was looking superlatively handsome. It was weird to see him wearing such dark colours but they suited him wonderfully.

I'm loving Tess/Mercy! I feel like she's really settled in now and I'm enjoying the actress's performance a lot. I'm far more comfortable than I was at first with her echoing Lex--and wow, she really does echo him very directly. She was totally Lexian in the opening scene with the scientist.

Also, I'm loving that Tess has as much sexual chemistry with women as Lex did with men. She rocked with Maxima! My favourite moment of hers was the tiny little 'huh'/'hmm' she made after Maxima said she'd expected there to be more Kryptonians on Earth. So Lexian! So adorable! Their physical tustle was very reminiscent of attacks on Lex, both by Clark and other Kryptonians--she did the Kryptonian neck grab! And the toss across the room! (Why does that make me squee?! I don't even know!)

Boxing! I must admit I kneejerked against the credits shot of Tess boxing at first because it seemed like a rip-off of the old shot they used to use of Lex teaching Lana to box. But in context I really liked her boxing. It's something else that she and Lex have in common and she was so hot in that scene. More please!

Of course part of taking on the burden of Lex's legacy is that you get to have lame plots about crystals. But given that this one is the key to Jor-El I'm a little bit more invested than usual. ;) And hey, we got a definition of Jor-El at long last! 'Complex computer programming inside a Kryptonian crystal' = thanks, Clark!

The ick factor
Still finding Chloe obnoxious and Chimmy icky. It's such a sad relationship now! I was so not on board with them dredging up that old letter of Chloe's. That episode had so much emotional power for me when I first saw it--but it's old news here. For all Chloe's protestations to the contrary, I feel that she (and the writers) protest too much! They're still milking the Chlark card. However, I do like that Clark realised and stated once and for all that he was oblivious to her feelings. Yay.

In other news, I am deeply worried about her computer. I know her brain has superhuman powers now, but how did her browser get that fast?! o.O Clark, however, needs to learn to click a little faster. I should just be grateful he's tackling some computer stuff on his own I guess.

Oh, no, sorry, I do have to nitpick this one: Chloe, don't you still have a dad? Doh. That's going to be one awkward father-daughter convo. Not to mention the one where you tell your already justifiably insecure boyfriend that you want your first love to give you away.

I may not love the shippy Clois, but I am enjoying their day-to-day interactions at the Planet nonetheless--the little touches. I liked Clark being late for work but running home to feed Shelby (Shelby!), and wow, Lois must think he has a real bitch of a commute. Tiny things like Lois snatching the report back and handing Clark her coffee (he gets the coffee when it's half-empty and unimportant--hee!)

The new dynamic with jealous Lois may not be my cup of tea, but it didn't mean I lost Clois entirely. I found that it resulted in me being more in Clark's side of the relationship... I was really moved by him protecting Lois and it seems like he's really firming up that he has protective feelings towards her and at least some attraction--that I can buy! That has arisen organically on the show. I loved his realisation that he might not realise his soulmate was right in front of him--that was one good thing that came from digging out Chloe's letter (though it must have stung for the Chlark fans). Clark learning to think outside his (very small, defined) square where relationships are concerned is a good thing--proving Lois write in thinking some cherry was called for. ;)

The one thing I am super glad about is that Lois turned down his invitation to have her live on the farm. It would have been too much after this episode... and yet at the start of the ep when she first mentioned being bothered by Chloe and Jimmy my heart did leap at the idea of a Clois-housemates rematch. However, the final moment, with Lois's 'let's not tempt fate' line was perfectly played and much better for all concerned. *wipes brow of relief* It was both a cute and embarrassing move on Clark's part--kind of transparent that he was attracted to her and a very typically passive move from him. It would have played into his (current) idea of the perfect relationship: settled, non-sexual and domestic. But it would have been so wrong--especially given that he shared that house with Lana not so long ago. I am glad that Lois is not stepping into that space.

I'm nervous to see where the Clois goes now and kind of don't want it to move too fast for Lois's sake, but on the other hand am really 'in' Clark and want him to be happy. Have I just flipped pov character in my ship? We-ird!
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