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Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying

Lo, it is a vid that none of you want to watch! :)

Vid: Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying
Artist: Belle and Sebastian
Source: Nodame Cantabile, Season 1
Warnings: absurdity, cute love hearts and a mongoose
Description: Whimsy. My Sekrit J-Drama OTP vidded to one of my favourite songs. Because I can.
Download: from sendspace or streaming on YouTube or BAM
Notes: Betaed by supacat who also makes up its sole audience. What can I say? This is a case of the song being so perfect for the subject matter I couldn't resist. Yup, it's cheesy, it's shippy, it's soppy, it has gratuitous love-hearts and credits that I'm secretly proud of. It's probably impenetrable to anyone who hasn't seen the show and as far as I know noone on my f'list has. Nodame Cantabile is a Japanese romantic comedy series about classical music students. Chiaki is a superbly attractive over-achieving perfectionist who longs to be a conductor. Nodame is his next door neighbour, a hopelessly messy and food-obsessed piano student, who just happens to be a genius if you can get her to sit still enough to practice. They form a student orchestra with their friends (all wacky in their own way) and the show won me over with its endearingly unapologetic whimsy. And yup, I ship Chiaki/Nodame. *confesses* I should hate Nodame--she's a stereotype I detest, but she somehow manages to be too adorable to dislike. She's besotted with Chiaki, he falls for her against his will... it's a simple story, but I got completely suckered by it. Hence: vid.

Lyrics: Ooh! Get me away from here I'm dying
Play me a song to set me free
Nobody writes them like they used to
So it may as well be me
Here on my own now after hours
Here on my own now on a bus
Think of it this way
You could either be successful or be us
With our winning smiles, and us
With our catchy tunes, and us
Now we're photogenic
You know, we don't stand a chance
Oh, I'll settle down with some old story
About a boy who's just like me
Thought there was love in everything and everyone
You're so naive!
After a while they always get it
They always reach a sorry end
Still it was worth it as I turned the pages solemnly, and then
With a winning smile, the boy
With naivety succeeds
At the final moment, I cried
I always cry at endings

Oh, that wasn't what I meant to say at all
From where I'm sitting, rain
Washing against the lonely tenement
Has set my mind to wander
Into the windows of my lovers
They never know unless I write
"This is no declaration, I just thought I'd let you know goodbye"
Said the hero in the story
"It is mightier than swords
I could kill you sure
But I could only make you cry with these words
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