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Sarah Connnor Chronicles 2.07 Brothers of Nablus

The show's really hit its stride again--this was a really solid episode, though I don't immediately have a lot to say about it.

As an innocent man possibly facing a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit, Ellison was instantly more sympathetic to me again. That was refreshing. I am glad he got off but hate seeing him manipulated by Weaver. She's playing God to his Job--but does he realise?

Casey protecting the Connors on instinct was great. In an episode which otherwise reminded us how anyone they cross paths with (or leave alive) can be a liability, it was good to see that some people can accidentally prove useful as well. Likewise it was good to see Riley proving useful (though omg she doesn't know what she's got into!).

Loving Jessie, and Derek around Jessie. Looking forward to that plot deepening.

Favourite aspect of the episode? Cameron claiming the Brothers of Nablus as her 'kind of story'. That laid the ground for her killing the thieves at the end of the episode. She's a believer in eliminating those that pose a danger. Sarah can't stomach this, and she might have got away with leaving one of the thieves alive, but it IS a risk--in this case, one that is going to hurt them.

Finally, I'm glad that John mentioned the killing, and that he aired some of his anger. His anger at Sarah is not entirely rational--but that sort of makes it all the more important that he admit how he's feeling and they get on with weathering it. No, ultimately Sarah can't protect him from harsh realities no matter how good her intentions. But at the same time that doesn't negate how important it is for them to try and protect him. I do think a balance needs to be achieved though--because pushing John too hard will result in him rebelling, and asking him to give up his friendship with Riley seems like it could be where he digs his heels in.

To the Americans on my f'list: happy voting! :)
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