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True Blood 1.11

Very quick reaction post: Nooooooooooooo!!!! Not Rene! Nooooo! Though I guess it had to be one of the three support boys--Terry, Rene or Hoyt--if it was going to be someone we knew. Eep. It makes sense since Jason told him about Amy just that day and he also made that strange 'these things have a way of working themselves out' comment.

The rest of the episode... well... I really really did NOT like Sookie. Not one little bit. Just yesterday she was chucking a tantrum with Sam, rejecting him, and now she's making eyes at him? Just days ago she was all over Bill and now she's kicking him out the door and cozying up to Sam? I know her whole world is upside down right now but I wish what she said about not wanting to be with ANYone right now was true! Because instead it seems like she flees into the nearest comforting arms. UNIMPRESSED.

With Sam, well, I didn't love that he didn't make more of an effort to find Tara, but I at least understood where he was coming from. He's been in love with Sookie for ages and it's true that things have not been easy with Tara--and they just had a fight. AND he only recently told Sookie his secret and I'm sure the chance of gaining acceptance from her was too hard to resist. But even so, I winced when he said he and Tara were 'just friends'. Um, you're a little more than that.

I am loving Bill now, and I giggled at him getting lumbered with the world's most dim-witted new vampire. It seems cool that he had to go to Eric for help because while I am sure that will come back in some awful way, that scene was a lot of fun and I'm really enjoying both of them now. Bill is so well-meaning. I can't believe Sookie tossed him out so quickly! Like he didn't turn up one time when she needed him and it's all over? Grow a backbone, girl! And maybe try listening when he says 'you don't know what I've gone through'! The world does not revolve around you the way you think it does. (Though, on the other hand, I do think Bill was a bit to blame for telling her 'everything will be ok' and letting her think that when clearly it was not.)

The Tara plot was incredibly depressing. I hated seeing her like that and I thought it was awful of her mother to leave her there. And what about the exorcism? Does her mother no longer believe it's a demon in Tara causing the problem? And how hypocritical does that make her?

I wished Tara had rung Sam. :(

And now we have crazy pig lady masquerading as a rich social worker. I am bewildered and confused! I do not know if this turn of events is good or bad, but at least we've got a good actress in the role! I just hope that Tara doesn't become even more lost this way...

Jason, Jason, Jason. I was so annoyed at you for taking the V again. But I kind of loved you for turning yourself in and being so totally confused and bereft. Amy showed all her manipulative instincts at work when she charmed him into 'one last' trip. I am not sorry to see the end of her though she did not deserve to be killed.

Lafayette YOU ROCK! That scene between you and the Senator was the best thing in this episode and you look smokin' in a suit! :D :D :D
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