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Smallville 8.10 Bride

So given the hype on my f'list about this episode (unmissable, even if I stayed steadfastly unspoiled for it) I worked from home today in order to get the episode early so I could see it before I went out to a friend's party. And so I've seen it. Unusually, without supacat who isn't around right now and without whom I am feeling very scattered and confused. That was an emotional rollercoaster of an episode for me and I honestly can't tell if I liked it or not. There were things I hated and things I loved. Help?

Thing I hate most of all: apparently that was the last episode until January! *weeps*
Thing I hate almost as much: when it does come back, I am not happy about who will or won't be in the next few eps.

This was... kind of a weird episode. Framing a lot of it through handheld camera was an odd choice, I thought, at least until the final reveal when it served some purpose. And I'm not a fan of the '8 hours earlier' style of episode. Also, I kind of didn't feel there was enough suspense to pull it off--Jimmy is not going to die, he's in comic canon. Though I admit I did think they'd get Chloe back. The things there was suspense about for me still had suspense at the end of the episode: namely, what the hell is Lana doing and what's the deal with Lex? (LEX! I can barely process that yet!) So maybe that's why I feel so frustrated?

Also, I kind of had a lot to 'get over' in terms of Chloe's wedding. I still find Clark giving her away DEEPLY WEIRD. And that was not made any better by holding the wedding in the barn. OMG, why not the Talon at least? Holding it on Clark's land, in Clark's private space was SO WEIRD. And when they came down from upstairs I kind of thought everyone would be wondering what they'd been doing up there. I mean... they have pashed up there! THAT IS WEIRD. It was not made better at all by him giving her that flower from homecoming dance. I liked them back then, I even shipped them! Don't evoke that ON HER WEDDING DAY! The inappropriateness was rampantly out of control, and Lois let me down massively--at first I thought she too was icked out, but then no, she was moved by it. Puh-lease. I blame the writers: they need to let the Chlark go. Jimmy is an absolute SAINT to get married under these circumstances.

And it's really hard for me to believe that Lois is Chloe's only living relative. Could she at least have mentioned her father? Urgh.

Anyway, I tried not to let that spoil the episode too much, because I did find Chloe very genuine in her wedding-day joy and that delighted me! I loved that they textualised the fact that, for her, it is a weight lifted to be free of Clark's secret. I am glad she got her perfect day. Well... almost. It's rather like the end of last episode when the Fortress got corrupted just after Clark reconciled with it; here, Chloe is kidnapped (and turns evil? I wasn't sure what the scary eyes and smile were meant to mean) right after things finally come together in her relationship with Jimmy.

Lois looked gorgeous in that dress. (I can't comment on Chloe's outfit only because I find all wedding dresses distasteful, but if other people say she looked good i'll believe them!) I would have found her reaction to Clark in his suit a bit more believable had she not been seeing him a suit every day all season, but hey, he looked good too and the cufflinks line was kinda funny.

Apart from that, honestly, the Clois stuff was a big let-down for me. I don't enjoy seeing Lois mope around after Clark and I was kind of angry with Jimmy for making her think that it would be a good idea to put the moves on him. I love Lois and I feel so sorry for her in this mess. Clark is clearly not ready for anything to happen between them and I spent most of the episode hoping they wouldn't have a huge fight! Erica's acting was wonderful and she really made me feel Lois's wistfulness, loneliness and confusion. And when Jimmy said that guys flirt by teasing, I winced because I knew Lois would believe that. She'd believe it because it's what SHE does. What she doesn't factor in is the fact that she's the guy in their dynamic. Oh, Lois! I knew it would go hideously, terribly wrong--so much so that I was begging her in my head not to kiss him. There'd been no real sign from Clark that he was interested, and I could see disaster on the horizon. Sure, part of me wanted a real non-red-K kiss from them, but not like this... I was almost grateful Lana interrupted.

Almost but not quite. I didn't expect the creative team to go there as I never thought they wanted to play the two relationships in opposition to each other, and that kind of nearly crossed the line. Also, because Clark and Lana really do have so much unresolved emotions between them, I found that the Clana completely dominated the rest of the episode--another reason I'm glad the kiss did not happen.

Strangely, I almost found there was more real chemistry between the two sets of exes--Lana and Clark, and Lois and Oliver--than between Lois and Clark. They built the Clois moments on misunderstanding--Lois's misunderstanding about Clark's feelings, compounded by that painful scene where she thought he was speaking for himself when he read Jimmy's vows. Whereas, the scene between Oliver and Lois was wonderfully open and real.

That scene was hands down my favourite scene of the episode. I adored it. It was bittersweet and beautiful and drew on the depth in the Oliver/Lois relationship perfectly. Firstly, I love it that Lois bailed with a bottle of champagne for the porch (I'd do that!) and I love that Oliver snarked about it being no fun to listen to her whine, but then sat down anyway. That's the lovely thing about Oliver--he jokes, but underneath he's a really good friend, and he showed himself a good friend of both Lois and Clark in this scene. It was beautifully played by both Erica and Justin because I could see the characters' feelings for each other still there, but in that 'we're exes' way. Oliver's voice was just that little hint vulnerable when he asked 'who's the lucky guy?'

Of course he knew it was Clark. And I love that he admitted that so gracefully--and showed Lois how accepting he is of that. He's known for a long time, arguably longer than Lois, that those two had chemistry, and I have always thought he knew he'd see them together one day. I loved that he told Lois Clark needs her. She needs to know that! And I thought the added pathos in that line was that Oliver knows because he kind of needed her too... or at least he knows what it feels like to come close to doing so. And I think he sees that the ways that make him different from Clark are also ways that mean Clark has more need of a Lois.

Or maybe it's like he says elsewhere in the episode... everyone needs to be more like Clark. :) Once upon a time I would have hated that line, but I loved it here, because Clark has truly become someone to look up to, and I loved it between Oliver and Lana, two characters who struggle with an inner darkness and inability to live up to Clark's standards. But they also aspire to, and I like that about both of them.

I wasn't so keen on Oliver's pushiness regarding the need to track Lex down. I do think Clark was right to say that they should wait til after Chloe's wedding, and I'm glad that Clark sussed on that Oliver was partly after vengeance for his parents. Yay Clark for being a good friend and not letting Oliver's demons have free reign! I would have been really annoyed at that lackey for spoiling things, had it not been for his fangirl-pleasing line about the Clark/Oliver 'lovers' spat'. Yay! It's not just me that sees them like that! ;)

But ok, what the hell, Lana? I like the new sophisticated look and the martial arts awesome, but what is your game? I would never have guessed that when she came back she'd be embroiled in a Luthor plot again. Huh. I need some time to process that. I loved the idea of her as a rogue agent protecting Clark, but the text messaging was worrying. Is she working with Mercy maybe? I think the fact that Lex found out Clark's secret came as news to her--will that change her motives? I hope so. I really wasn't expecting a fully 'dark' Lana and am hoping she's not working for Lex. But damn, Smallville makes anything possible!

As far as the Clana went though, it was all terrific. So grown up and sad but dignified! Lana was really firm with her boundaries, and I loved Clark for the dignity with which he handled her return. 'I could have used a bit of warning' was a great line, and absolutely fair enough. I was so sad for him in their loft scene, but I found his silent swallowed tears beautiful. I do see a different Clark here than I have seen in other Clana-broken-up scenes, and I think seeing Lana again will actually help him deal with his grief in some ways. It was a hurdle he had to get over at some stage and while it choked him up, he handled it--and handled it well. No, it's not easy for either of them, but they're both very much their 'own' people now, and I'm proud of them. (Well, apart from the murky Lana plot!)

Oddly, I don't have much to say about Davis. Or maybe not oddly: apart from the one scene in the alley, we weren't really shown his journey in this episode. The monster inside him has evolved, it would seem, to the point where he can no longer control it at all. Yet, the monster can't be separated from the man because both selves are obsessed with Chloe, though one claims to want her 'help' and the other one her love. Will we see Davis's humanity again? I don't know.

The Clois scene that I found most affecting and effective was the final hospital one, though it broke my heart. It worked best for me because it was the one in which Clark showed the most emotion for Lois. He seemed genuinely concerned about how she was and he looked a little sad at Lois saying she was going with Jimmy, though of course he could see that someone should. The hug was wonderful too--poor Clark, knowing that the things that happen all around them, that Lois finds so confusing, are to do with him. My heart broke for both of them.

Don't get me wrong--I don't blame Clark for not being as into Lois as Lois is into him right now. (I blame the writers! :p) Nah... I think it makes organic sense because Clark has a lot of other weighty burdens in his world, and we saw in this episode how he still needs to move forward from Lana before he gets involved with anyone else. Lois and Oliver are further down that path and we saw here the start of a friendship free of romance. I think it will be a while before we see that from Clark and Lana, if we ever do, and honestly her being back, and complicated worries me. So, this wasn't the Clois episode I wanted, but it was... something.

I could have done with a little more before a hiatus. SV are MEAN with their emotional cliffhangers!

ETA: Have identified one of my emotions! I am sad for Lois. I want to give her hugs and cookies and let her cry on my sofa for a while. And selfishly, I'm sad that my pov characters always wind up being the ones in unrequited love with someone whose attention is elsewhere (even if it's for very good reason). *sniffles* I guess now's a good time to go to a cocktail bar. That's what Lois would do, right?
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