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True Blood 1.12 You'll Be the Death of Me

Well any complaints I made this week about being conflicted about Smallville developments just got blown to pieces: CONFLICTED doesn't begin to sum up my feelings about the True Blood finale!

Oh my god, they just KILLED LAFAYETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BILL killed Lafayette! Just when I had come to love Bill so much! NOOOOO!
I'm just... in shock. Denial. I refuse to believe it!

The conflict comes in because other than that I loved the finale. It was creepy and horrible seeing the true Rene/Drew come out and I thought the show really did a good job of playing on the fact that he'd been this harmless, likeable, jokey guy all season. Sookie didn't feel in danger and even for the viewer it was hard to believe she was. But I loved the way they played up the creepiness in the gaol, for instance, having him overhear that she was on his trail, and also in the house. And oh, grandma! I felt sad all over again seeing her die. :(

They also used well the fact that although Sookie can read minds, she is in the habit of not doing so, and, when she does, she can find it overwhelming and difficult to stomach. They also explored the fact that while the truth does slip out eventually, it can happen by chance if a person is well guarded, as we saw with Rene. On the other hand, it was cool that he could feel her in his head when she was running away. And go Sookie for grabbing a spade and defending herself! I liked that in the end the boys were just delaying tactics. ;)

Clearly Maryann has some creepy agenda going on but until next season when that will, no doubt, come to light, I really enjoyed seeing Tara gain some equilibrium. I was laughing at the scene where she 'stumbled' on a ridiculously attractive young man in the same situation as herself, but I found myself smiling at that scene despite the obvious manipulation (of both Tara and viewer!). And Tara IS all those things that Maryann said she was: smart, brave and funny, a survivor. I liked seeing her as a more confident version of herself at the bar and with Sam, briefly.

Sookie on pain meds was absolutely adorable, I thought. And I really liked the warmth in her speech to Sam, though of course Tara got the wrong idea about it, and that was sad. I don't want those two (Tara and Sam) to give up on each other. And while I do think Sam loves Sookie, I'm not really sure it's destined to be boyfriendly love. Their exchange read more as mutual appreciation and affection than romance chemistry, in sharp contrast to the Bill/Sookie, er, sizzle? (OMG, most inappropriate pun ever!)

BILL! OMG! Bill burnt himself to a crisp for her! That was both tragic/moving and completely hilarious! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I do love Bill. But omg, HE KILLED LAFAYETTE. All the way through his reunion kiss with Sookie I kept thinking that. And I should have been so happy those two kids hooked up again--I'd wanted that after Sookie so unjustly threw him out.

Ugh! MEAN show!

I did love that Eric couldn't hack that annoying dumb chick that Bill turned. And Pam seemed SO unimpressed. *hearts Pam* That amuses me and I guess Bill's terrible act will mean that I don't mind seeing him get pushed around by Eric next season? But waaaaah, no Lafayette? :(

Jason was hilarious and hopeless and I could see his salvation coming a mile away. *facepalm* I'm not sure if Jason as a born-again will be better or worse than Jason as a V-junkie but I am amused.

A bit of a surprise joy? Arlene. I always dismissed her as the dumb hick girl in love with the charming guy, and having that flipped on its head was kind of cool. It was horrible when she found the tapes, but I laughed at her sympathy flowers for Sookie. Oh dear. Poor Arlene, she really does have bad taste in guys--and she really SHOULD hook up with Terry! (Unless he's next season's villain!) I liked her speech to Sookie a lot and thought she was really sweet after all.

As usual I loved little touches:
- Sookie calling Andy 'Detective Belfleur' to get him out of the bar, even though he'd been terribly annoying earlier with Jason.
- Terry saying people should listen to him but they never do.
- Hoyt wanting a vampire girlfriend... (though uh-oh! a candidate just arrived in town!)

Oh! and I love that there was finally a purpose for Sam's sniff-session! Sniffy-trail-hunting Sam was cute and cool! But I do wonder what's going on with that safe and all that money... I *knew* there was more to Sam's history we hadn't found out yet!

SO don't want to wait a whole year for more. *pouts*

Lafayette, you will live in my memory as one of my favourite ever one-season characters! *waves lighter*

ETA: Potential spoilers for books in comments.
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