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Friday Night Lights 3.12 Underdogs

Thank you to everyone who responded to my bsg woes post: while I wish no-one else felt like I did, it was amazingly comforting to hear that I was not alone. And I feel a lot calmer approaching 4.5 now.

But let's talk about Friday Night Lights while we still can! I gather that this was the second-last episode of the season. And... is that it? I don't think there'll be another season but I'm not up on the gossip.

How awesome is it that they did not win? :) I think that's great. The show does the underdog story so very well and we've seen several variations of it both in character and ensemble terms over the three seasons. What we hadn't seen was the team lose a big game badly--and seeing them go through that experience was really important emotionally, I think. It's part of a journey to maturity. And it also showed that Coach is awesome in defeat, as well as in victory--and that to me is the best test of true leadership.

I had an awful lot of 'awww' moments in this episode, including, predictably!, Tyra's essay. Yeah, ok, it was probably a little heavy on the cheese, but I love her so much I don't care. It was great to see her finding her 'voice' and reflecting on how she's grown in the last couple of years. It was great to see her vocalising her hopes and dreams--and including failure and recovery in them (nice riff on the team losing). It was also great to see Tyra and Landry reciprocating supportive friendship acts before getting back together. I loved it when Landry said 'yeah, whatever' in response to Tyra saying she hated him for being honest about her essay (hee!). It's good to see Landry that settled in himself.

While we're in shippy territory can I say how glad I am that Tim and Lyla are still together? I live in fear that they're going to break up in the season finale or something. Please no shocks like that! *bites nails* They've become such a great established couple.

I loved Matt and Tim playing frisbee together--more awwws, and nervousness about a possible final farewell to them soon.

I'm just mildly puzzled about the JD plot. I mean, I get that it was really awkward for Tami to call the services on her friend's family, but couldn't she have rung her friend and told her about it? That would have made it less of a shock for the wife. And the husband deserved the shock. I was also a bit uncomfortable with the way the department was kind of demonised in the episode (was that intentional?) because surely the risk of them actually removing JD was very very low and all that would really happen was a few useful counselling sessions?

Also... not really sure where it was/is going in terms of the overall season. It threw JD off his game in the final game of the season but would things have been so different without that? I guess we were supposed to think they would have been. Somehow that fell a bit flat for me. Oh well. Very minor issue.

I am both nervous and eager for the finale now! *sniffles*
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