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Drive-in (15 February 2003)

10 things I liked about '8 Mile' - the Eminem movie
(contains spoilers)
1. The rap 'battles'
2. Rabbit's (Eminem's) friends being portrayed as a bunch of idiots (eg. one shot himself in the leg)
3. The concept that vocabulary and linguistic play confer superiority in rap culture
4. No-one getting rich/famous in the end
5. The one scene at the music studio (contrast to the streets of Detroit demonstrating how untouchable a dream fame was)
6. The chances of getting a recording were equated to being as likely as Rabbit's trailer-trash mum getting rich from bingo (somewhat undercut when his mum does win at bingo!)
7. The simple plot (restraint on the part of the director - amazing!)
8. Rabbit's attempts to defend his little sister's childhood
9. Eminem scribbling - I thought it was cool that there is a world where writing is seen as a path to emancipation
10. Eminem's final (brilliant) battle put-down

5 (major) things I didn't like
1. Every woman in the movie was a whore.
2. The only character(he wore glasses of course!) who spoke up about women acting like/treated as whores, the verbal gay-bashing and the political issues was portrayed as on par with a fat slob and a half-wit who nearly shot his own dick off.
3. They dished the Beastie Boys!
4. The culture of putting each other down (guys - if you put yourselves down, how do you expect others to respect you? Only Rabbit overcomes this prob and he's *white*.)
5. Women being portrayed as the source of all Rabbit's problems (he struggles to get free of his mum, his ex-girlfriend, his new slutty girlfriend...) It's not that I mind that he want's to get free of them (they truly suck) and I'm sure (sadly) that they're true of that culture, but I just wish it wasn't so, and that all the teen boys watching this movie wouldn't project their (petty) issues onto the women around them in consequence of watching their role-model do so.

10 things I HATED about 'Blue Crush' (supposedly a surfie chick empowerment movie)
1. The main character was a barbie
2. The main character clearly hated surfing
3. The main character was afraid of surfing (not really demonstrating fearlessness in the face of the 'Blue Crush' ... )
4. The main character allows a man to buy her
5. The main character demonstrates no exceptional surfing ability until the final wave
6. The main character's one 'spunky, rebellious' act (when she quits her job as a maid) was pathetically acted
7. The main character realises the man is not genuine but still lets him comfort her at the end
8. The get to watch the main character fail to surf any waves for a full ten minutes (I don't mean she was doing something else - she was just sitting in the surf, not catching waves)
9. The main character's best-friend yells 'Don't be such a barbie' and she still doesn't get her shit together
10. The main character's friends are entirely invested in her and don't bugger off and do their own thing (which was what I wanted!)

(These two movies were really fun to watch at the drive-in... I love the drive-in! But 'Blue Crush' had no redeeming features.)

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