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Vidding for the Victorian bushfire appeal

I have never done this before, but I am offering to vid to raise money for the bushfire appeals. I will ask the highest bidder to make a donation to either the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal or the RSPCA Bushfire Appeal (if you prefer to help animals).

In return, I will make a vid of your choosing in one of the following fandoms:
- Smallville
- Battlestar Galactica
- Sarah Connor Chronicles
- Friday Night Lights.

My previous vids can be viewed here.

I have screened comments and will edit this post regularly so it contains the current highest bid (assuming there are any!). This auction will remain open until midday Saturday 14th February, Melbourne time (that's Fri 2am London time, 9pm NY time).

Please remember: if you live in Europe or the US, your currency will go a long way here in Australia. Even a small donation will go a long way, so please bid if you can.

Obligatory tear-jerky photo:

(I couldn't face putting up a photo of the devastation--you can find them easily yourselves. Also this image may be cute, but this koala must be very distressed to let someone touch it like that.)

If you have any questions, please comment or message me. Any promotion of this post gratefully received.

CURRENT HIGHEST BID: $200 US ($305.30 Australian)--WOW!
Tags: vidding

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