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BSG 4.18 Islanded in a whatever ever

Just getting it out of my system. Move on by. Nothing to see here.

I wasn't going to post about Battlestar this week because it was blah as usual, but I think I need to get a few things out of my system and I'm personally curious to see whether the finale changes my feelings at all.

I pretty much only enjoy BSG now by reading it as meta on itself. The lines/moments I liked best from this week's episode were:
- Bill saying he was fed up with destiny crap (except that it was hypocritical given that he could have put a stop to it earlier)
- Tigh saying 'that was a bust' in response to Ellen claiming the FF tried to stop the cycle of violence (understatement of the millennium?
- Lee Adama's 'don't care' speech (but not in the way it was intended).

Because here's the thing: I don't care either. I just DON'T CARE any more. I didn't feel anything in the pilots scene. I didn't feel anything when Lee was on screen anywhere else either. I just... feel empty. I actually started laughing when he said 'I don't care'. ME NEITHER, LEE. ME NEITHER. It read to me like the words of someone who's had so much shit thrown at them they have just ceased to care about everything as a coping mechanism... which, let's face it, is pretty much how I and (some) other BSG fans feel right about now. So yeah, loved it at a meta level. Didn't get anything shippy out of it at all.

Because it's not exactly a surprise that Lee accepts Kara no matter who/what she is. We KNOW THAT already. We did watch 4.03, writers! To me the scene felt completely 'pasted on, yay!', a gratuitous attempt to keep Kara/Lee fans in some kind of suspense so they watch the finale. It came out of nowhere. There has been absolutely no discussion of a relationship between Lee and Kara and Kara is not in the slightest bit interested in one. She still refers to Sam as her husband and I bet you anything her 'destiny' is to wind up as his translator while he babbles on in hybrid state.

This isn't even close to what I wanted/needed to see from a Kara/Lee scene in order for me to feel some kind of closure about the relationship.

But then neither of these characters feel like the characters I love any more. Kara putting her own photo on the memorial wall was perhaps the most 'meta' action of all. Yes, Kara, you are dead. You are no longer the character I know/love and you never will be again. (Psst, you're also way more boring now!) And Lee, well, Lee, who KNOWS what the hell is going through your head these days. You seem to speak up or shut up only when TPTB/Adama needs or wants you to. Was it your destiny to be a puppet? What a frakking shame.

Other things:
- The reduction of Roslin to one of Adama's 'women' sickens me. It gets worse every week. Like Lee, I wish they'd killed her earlier so I wouldn't have to watch her reduced like this.
- Why does fandom hate Boomer?! I used to dislike her but I actually find her way MORE interesting now. My only complaint is a feminist one: her fantasy projection is domestication with the Chief and motherhood?! Bleugh. But I can at least see a coherent character thread with Boomer which is more than I can say with most of the characters on the show at this stage.
- I do feel for Hera being handed over to Cavill though. *shudders*
- Kara's actions continue to make NO SENSE to me. Katee acted her heart out in this episode but if you didn't know you would never guess that her scenes all came from the one episode. Why the hell would she trust Gaius with her secret?!
- How much did I not care about Adama's paintscene?!

My main emotion about them abandoning Galactica is fear that it will mean more scenes in the boring Cylon set design. They could have surely spared us that in the final hours, no?

ETA: Comments include some spoilers about what we (might?) see in the finale. Probably most people know them but if you're totally spoiler free, be careful.
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