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Smallville 8.21 Injustice

I don't have a lot to say about this episode. Yeah... once the thought 'NAKED OLIVER, NAKED! wore off, I didn't really have a lot of thinky thoughts about this episode. I feel like large swathes of this season were written by people that have never seen an episode of Smallville before. And ok, I know that's not true, but it feels true. This episode also featured several of my most hated elements of Season 8, a season which, on reflection, is probably second to last in my season hierarchy.

Hated plot 1: Oliver is a ravening killer
I feel like the writer have approached the subject of Oliver's morality differing from Clark's with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer this season. Supposing that I could buy that Oliver would be so enraged at his parents' death at the hands of Oliver that he would kill Lex as revenge (a leap I still find hard to swallow), I think there's a big difference between killing from a place of personal vengeance for a deep wrong, and just getting carried away in casual violence (as we saw with the billiard ball). Smallville has scripted Oliver as having both aspects to his personality, instead of doing what it should have done, which is explore situations where there was really no other alternative but to steal/kill in order to achieve the goal of justice. I don't feel they've done that, and I'm miffed. I want to like Oliver, but I hated him in most of this episode.

Hated plot 2: Everyone tries to talk Clark out of a perfectly good plan
Last week Clark's plan to send Davis/Doomsday to the Phantom Zone seemed just fine to me. This week, he came up with an even better, though more dangerous plan. If he can pull it off, splitting Davis from Doomsday and sending only Doomsday to the Phantom Zone is the more compassionate option. However, I do take issue with it on this level: Clark (I nearly called him Smallville, hee!) only came up with this plan in response to Chloe lecturing him. *headdesk* STFU Chloe! STFU everyone that is not Clark! The problem with Chloe doing so is that she is biased. Clark cannot know, and does not know, that Davis is culpable for some deaths himself, beyond the influence of Doomsday. Now, I can live with Davis not being sent to the Phantom Zone because I do believe he can be 'saved' as a human being, but I also feel strongly that he should be held accountable for what he did have control over. Ultimately, that's up to Davis: Davis has to man up and admit his own guilt. But in theory, Clark could have investigated further himself, not just taken Chloe on her word. Is Chloe making Clark a 'better' hero? That's presumably the gloss the writers intended but it's all too convenient for me. Clark couldn't remember Black K until Chloe lectured? Yeah, right... *eyeroll*

On to elements I did like... Oliver hid his pants! HA! I found that entire sequence completely hilarious and joyful in its randomness and I heart this episode for creating it, but seriously, what were the writers thinking? 'This ep is so boring it needs some... naked Oliver'? SURE! \o/ Bring it on, dudes. I laughed so hard when his ruse was 'I hid my pants'. Honey, that is so not the same thing as hiding your lover's clothes. YOU know where your pants ARE! I can't believe Tess didn't just raise an eyebrow and say 'well go find them again, then!' But I enjoyed the myriad of other brush-offs she came up with. I don't think I could be so strong.

I found it ridiculous that Plastique popped up out of nowhere and we're supposed to believe Tess has been training a team this whole time. Oh, Smallville. Sigh. And I know many people will take issue with this, but I found Allison's acting so bad I found it hard to remember that she wasn't Chloe. I had to keep reminding myself, but the give-away was that she wasn't saying the exact opposite of what Clark was saying, and what she'd said last week all the damn time.

Also, I really really mourn the loss of coherent visual/colour/light metaphors on this show. I think that every week.

When is this season over?
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