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Vid commentaries

So I'm delurking myself briefly to pimp vid_commentary.

I'm having trouble posting about anything these days, so I'll just say briefly that I think it's the best idea for a community I've seen for ages. I love reading people's in-depth ideas about vids, and I look forward to reading the commentaries there in July.

I've signed up, and I think the idea of watching a vid that closely, and being 'allowed' to do so visibly, is fantastic. I hope non-vidders sign up too! I remember when I was non-vidder I was so hesitant writing my thoughts about vids. I think lots of people are scared, thinking there is stuff they don't 'get' about vids... but as a vidder I know how much it means to get even one sentence from someone else's perspective saying what they saw in your vid. And I know I'll be really interested to see what other vid viewers see in different vids. I think it may make the process of vid-watching and the relationship of the viewer with the vid a little more visible and accessible. At least that's what I'm in it for! This seems positive.

Comments on DLZ reminded me recently that people can feel especially nervous of a vid that is at all 'meta-y' or dense. I'd counted on people not being interested, but hadn't quite clued that it would make some potentially interested viewers anxious about commenting on it. For the record: please don't worry! Everyone will see something different in a vid, and tha'ts great! I have really personal readings of many MANY vids, that may or may not bear a relation to what the vidder set out to do. So if it speaks to you, it speaks to you. If it doesn't, it doesn't. That's my philosophy. And with some of my favourite vids I've never got beyond the 'wow, shiny!' O.O stage of enjoyment. I know they spark all sorts of ideas and emotions inside me but I can't always articulate them. That doesn't dampen my enjoyment at all.

Slowing down and deliberately writing a commentary seems like a great way to explore those thoughts though. :)
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