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21 July 2009 @ 06:56 pm
True Blood 2.05  
Ok, now that I know that being glamoured can involve disco music, I'm a LOT more scared. ;)

See you at work
I was pretty amused by the inter-work politics and bickering resulting from so many people sleeping with colleagues at Merlotte's. While I'm definitely backing the Terry/Arlene ship, I'm a little wary of Daphne. While she made a cute fawn, I kind of wanted those doe eyes to hide something more sinister. She's in the 'too good to be true' category to which I have also assigned Eggs. Perhaps they're both there to be dispensed with at some point?

Certainly Maryanne's handywork seems to have escalated tensions in Merlotte's--I almost felt that she didn't need to manipulate things further, but the fact that she rocked up in her convertible and exercised some kind of mind control over them makes her seem like the ultimate manipulator. Her emotional blackmail on Tara was really horrible. While she's fascinating to watch, I found that did make her a lot less sympathetic to me. I'm not a fan of emotional blackmailers. And I want angry!Tara not emotionallybeaten!Tara back.

Oh, Maryanne! GET OUT of Sookie's house!! I miss Grandma so much. But I have faith that Sookie will crack the shits sufficiently when she finally returns.

Lafayette's low-key re-entry into Merlotte's was appropriate but I got left wanting more.

Ditto with Jessica, though at least we got the late-night call of CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE to Hoyt. That was the episode highlight for me. Those two could not be more adorable. I had wondered where Hoyt was when the party was going on, but now we know! At home reading comics. Aww.

I'm going through a stage where I'm having issues with Sookie. I don't know if it's her or me. I found Barry instantly sympathetic and kind of, er, sane, in his attitude towards vampires (and their disco music). I do love Sookie's determined way of facing horror head on, but she's starting to drive me mad with her 'I don't want to get killed or attacked but I will every second episode by putting myself in danger constantly' attitude. Bleugh. Heroines. *eyerolls* Barry was refreshingly frightened and I liked his character details: he works with vamps for the brain silence, but has therefore seen how dangerous they are, he hasn't learnt to control the voices so he's more self-protective than Sookie. I hope Barry's not just there as the 'see what happens to telepaths that cross vampires' lesson for Sookie.

Bootcamp was a bit boring for me. My eyes glaze over when muscled dudes start yelling shit. How that motivates anyone I will never understand. I spent the whole fence scene wondering why no-one thought to go round the fence (it was only about 2 metres long!). I also felt it was a bit stupid of the Church to link leadership qualities and physical ability when the two leaders (Sarah and Steve) look like a strong wind would knock both of them down in an instant. Oh well. I just hope the vamps show up soon and slay them (sparing Jason, of course!), they're getting tedious.

Probably the most interesting development in this episode was the Eric flashback. ERIC flashback! Wow. I didn't know we'd get those. The whole Viking thing managed to edge in just under the comedic bar, thanks to some very restrained acting. And ok, now I totally understand why Eric's so haunted by Godric's disappearance. I'd want that cute little evil dude back too! My, Godric's name was misleading. I was picturing a kind of lumbering dwarf with a pickaxe or something, not this little death pixie with a taste for hot warriors. I am officially invested in Getting Godric Back. I also liked the implication the flashback gave of so much more lying beneath the surface where Eric is concerned. This is something I've previously only gleaned from the frenzy that he seems to generate in fandom, but I feel like I'm finally finding him interesting and not just a comedic device myself now.

Now was that Bill's maker showing up at the end? That should make things interesting!
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Laura ☂: trueblood: Pam is HBICstarryeyedmagic on July 24th, 2009 05:51 am (UTC)
I don't know if it's really a let-down. I mean, all of her "girl-power" simply comes later in the series. We're just not there yet.

I think a lot of book fans in the fandom tend to forget how early in the series we really are right now. Everyone grows and changes and gets more developed as time goes on. People need to give everything time.

Like the people complaining about the lack of Eric/Sookie are just silly. That's a relationship that develops really slowly, hence why it's probably the most significant relationship of the whole series. There's no need to jump the gun!
Bill/Sookie are supposed to still be happy right now, there's no need for the trouble start any earlier. I'm sure it'll still come in some form really soon.

I think we'll see more Tara/Sookie towards the end of the season when Sookie/Eric/Bill come back from Dallas. I'm sure Sookie will have to save her from Maryanne's clutches or something like that.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: True Blood Sookiebop_radar on July 26th, 2009 01:09 am (UTC)
Thanks for the interesting discussion! I really appreciate you sharing your perspective (and sorry we don't see eye to eye on TW--just a case of wanting different things, I think). I hear what you're saying here about it being ok for the relationships to develop over time. And I do look forward to Sookie's return from Dallas, so she can boot Maryanne out! That could be a good 'female power' reunion for Tara and Sookie! ;)