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02 August 2009 @ 12:58 pm
Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink squee and a meme  
So last night I had front row seats to Pink. And I... I don't know if I have words yet to describe the UNBELIEVABLY MINDBLOWING AWESOME that was that concert. Seriously, beg, borrow or steal your way to one of her concerts if you even vaguely like her. I promise you you will not be disappointed. Personally I feel like I'm in love, I keep smiling randomly and skipping, and I actually cried at the beauty of her final act. I may be a dork, but ... no, no she actually is that awesome. I can't believe my 'I don't really go to mainstream concerts' snobbery held me back from going until now! She is THE SHIT.

I'm totally going to picspam the bejesus out of of my actual concert review, but while I'm enjoying the afterglow and gathering material, I thought I'd play a meme (via daybreak777).

The Favourite Character Meme

1. Write a list of 15 of your fandoms; including films, TV series, books and stage shows.
2. Ask people on your flist to pick a fandom and guess who your favourite character is from it.
3. If they guess right, you must explain why this character is or became your favourite.
4. If you share this fandom with the poster guess who their favourite is too.

Some really obvious, and some fandoms I'm barely in...
1. Smallville
2. Battlestar Galactica
3. The House of Niccolo novels by Dorothy Dunnett
4. Friday Night Lights
5. House
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7. Angel
8. Lord of the Rings
9. Pushing Daisies
10. Merlin
11. Doctor Who (Ten series)
12. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
13. Dead Like Me
14. Martial arts movies (pick my fave martial artist)
15. Skins

I didn't put True Blood down because right now I can't pick a favourite!! It used to be Tara but I'm not loving her plot this season and other characters have had a slow creep effect on me... feel free to guess who is wrestling for top spot if you wish!).

ETA: And the only one no one's picked yet is 'Pushing Daisies'. Huh!
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Dualbunny: Kara - :Ddualbunny on August 2nd, 2009 03:50 am (UTC)
::touches you::

Front row! I am so unbelievably jealous! *g*
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Karabop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:02 am (UTC)
It was SOOOOOOO GREAT!!!! I thought of you. :) And Kara!
(Deleted comment)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: TSCC Derekbop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:06 am (UTC)
Jesse! Correct!

She belongs to a certain type of female character who I always seem to like. She's self-contained, tough and driven, but also capable of joy. She embraces being the 'bad guy' because she's so worried about the future. And if she's right she's the saviour of mankind! If she's wrong, well, that just adds another layer of darkness to her tragic story. I love her relationship with Derek, her complete conviction in their love.
Nora Norwichnorwich36 on August 2nd, 2009 04:32 am (UTC)
Well, I'm only going to guess the blatantly obvious:

1. Lois
2. Lee

No, I lied, a few I'm unsure about:
6. Faith
9. Chuck
10. Gwen (I actually have no idea whatsoever, this is a wild guess)
12. Sarah

Edited at 2009-08-02 04:34 am (UTC)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Lois duhbop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:14 am (UTC)
You are right that those are blatantly obvious! :) Someone had to do it!

Lois She's been a hero of mine for ages, and it firmed up in my teens watching 'Lois and Clark'. Then Smallville took her character to new heights! I love Smallville's Lois best of all Lois's. She's so funny, quirky and human. She is socially clueless and often stumbles through life making mistakes because she takes risks. That's also what makes her shine. When she's wrong she mans up and admits it. She's intimidated by no one. She has a vulnerable heart but is brave and not bitter with it. She will be a hero's best champion.

Lee I'm not always able to disentangle Lee from myself, but when I do I find these things: he's a quiet leader, he's very skilled because he works hard, he's empathetic, sometimes overly sensitive, thinks deeply and worries about things that other people would rather look away from. He's passionate, intelligent and troubled.

Correct! She'll always be my number one though BtVS was a fantastic ensemble show and I had love for most of the characters. The minute Faith walked in she captured my heart. I like outsider characters, and she was one. I loved the 'alternative hero' idea with her--she and Buffy were two reflections of one character, and I guess I'm always drawn to the one in the shade. She'd been scarred and responded with toughness, independence and courage, though it led her to some very dark places. She earned her redemption the hard way and grew into a place of greater grace.
daybreak777: daybreak mountains-no namedaybreak777 on August 2nd, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)
Enjoy the Pink glow.:-)

On to meme:

5. Wilson.
6. Giles?
7. Lorne
8. Sam

K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Aishwarya lanternbop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:17 am (UTC)
Wilson! You remember. :) That seems to be a surprise to most people. Hilarious, but true. I suspect a lot of it has to do with the way he reflects my own frustrations with House. ;) And I guess I find his rescuer complex easy to relate to.

Well done! (but no to the rest. ;))
daybreak777: house hospitaldaybreak777 on August 2nd, 2009 01:14 pm (UTC)
Yes, I remembered Wilson. And Faith! I didn't guess her because she is my favorite and you and I rarely have favorites in common. I like outsider characters too, I was just saying that in my own meme. I thought Kara was an outsider character. And I think House is too in a way.

So why Wilson?

Connor! But he was so skinny and whiny!

Aragorn. Hmm. I was going to guess Arwen. :-) Aragorn is a nice choice. He scared me a bit as Stryder, in the book. Viggo was rather lovely-looking though.
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Adama hugbop_radar on August 4th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
Kara can be read as an outsider figure. *nods* The part of me that 'gets' Kara digs that. I see how House is too, but he presses my annoyance buttons way too much.

Wilson, because he's constantly annoyed with House. :D As am I. It's that simple. I don't really get deep on House.

Now HUSH you about Connor! I have taken that much flak for loving Connor over the years. People malign him so! I adore him. Yes, he's whiny and has daddy issues. Doesn't that remind you of a certain other character I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH? o.O

I loved Aragorn in the books and my love for him in the movies was largely a continuation of that. His darkness attracted me. I thought Viggo was well cast, *nods*.
Becky: Sneercinderella81 on August 2nd, 2009 05:06 am (UTC)
You saw P!nk in concert? I am so jealous!!!! I am in love with her, her music ... everything about her!!!!!!

I have her 'Live at Wembley' concert on dvd ... it's amazing!!!!
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Nodame wowbop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:18 am (UTC)
I totally did! SHE IS AMAZING! :D I'm totally smitten as well. I loved her before but I fought it a bit because I tend to think any big star that famous is probably weird or crazy in person. But after seeing her live, I feel really differently--I've never been at a concert that felt so warm and down to earth. Despite the crazy big set pieces and insane vocals!
Call Me OneTrack: Sep at Birth 2callmeonetrack on August 2nd, 2009 05:27 am (UTC)
OMG!! I squeed almost (in a car! with other people!) when I saw your Pink post! (Somehow I never would have pictured you digging her music!) I'm going to see her in October and I cannot frakking wait!! The husband is coming along although he's not a big fan and I'm glad too to know that he will probably enjoy it as well.

1. Clark
2. Lee
4. Tami
6. Giles?
7. Angel?
9. Emerson
12. Sarah
13. Rube?
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Kara/Lee awesome sexybop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:21 am (UTC)
HEE! You didn't picture it? I thought my Kara crush would be a givewawy. ;) Your icon being so entirely apt and all... yeah, I love her.

You will LOVE the concert! And I would have dragged my boy along too if I'd realised it was so universally appealing. It really was!

Lee is correct! norwich36 beat you to it above.
Call Me OneTrack: lafayette dancingcallmeonetrack on August 2nd, 2009 01:25 pm (UTC)
I didn't think you liked Kara all that much! Honestly.

Ooh I'm so excited.

(Oh god that's it? And not even Sarah? I must pay more attention!)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: True Blood LaFayettebop_radar on August 4th, 2009 03:43 am (UTC)
Mm, yeah, I reckon I was so jacked off with BSG (and particularly with them killing Kara) that it didn't show in the time we had together in that fandom. But basically: me = Lee, so I adore/fangirl Kara but don't really 'get' her. :p I sobbed like a baby when she died in 'Maelstrom'.

Haha, yeah, sorry, that was all! And I do love Sarah but I rarely ever go for the main character of a show as my favourite. I like peripheral, outsider characters.
(Deleted comment)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Bellydancebop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:35 am (UTC)
Hahaha, icon!


Lois, Lee, Faith, Jesse... check! (and guessed above)

3. Ohhh... I'll give you that. It's kind of Kathy but I think only because Nicco winds up being the books, the entire universe... so I barely think of him as a character!

You know why she's my favourite--I love her quicksilver intelligence and energy, the way she matches Niccolo in so much, and their romantic friendship. I love her selflessness, the fact that she primarily lives through her intellect and curiosity, and the way she is so eminently practical but also has a huge heart.

4. You be right with blond chick (Tyra). She's that type. Tough, independent, outsider girl with inner pain. ;)

5. daybreak777 correctly picked 'Wilson' above.

6. Connor! That other type: bratty boy with inner pain and daddy issues.

8. Aragorn/Strider in both, in fact! :) Answering why is hard because I read the books so young I can barely remember why--he just captured my immagination in the way that I think he does most people's. As a hero, it's interesting that I like him, since they're not usually my type, but notably he starts as an outsider figure.

9. Nope :p

10. Morgana! I love her compassion, intelligence and dignity, her grace, beauty and the fact that she's the only admirable character in the Merlin universe.

11. Sally Sparrow, but I'll pay it. :p OMG, she's Kathy! I just realised. *blinks* She's kind of Kathy... at least in her curiosity and intelligence and energy, and the way she's just living her own life and is a perfect match for the Doctor but winds up with that other (ordinary) dude, who she does love.

13. *coughs self-consciously* Er, that would be correct... Reggie. I love her because she's the baby version of the Tyra/Faith/Jesse/Kara continuum character--she has inner pain, she is an outsider figure. As a young girl she struggles with her self-identity but in fact has a very clear 'self' to the audience.

14. It is Jet Li. ;) I kind of take Bruce as a given in the same way I do Niccolo. He's so the landmark, I take him for granted. So it's Jet as the inheritor of that tradition.

15. Nope! But close. (And it's Effy you were thinking of)
(Deleted comment)
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: Skins Cassiebop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 09:29 am (UTC)
Wilson is constantly irate at House. That's as deep as I get with that show. :p

It is indeed the space-cadet Cassie! She was a surprise. I should have been annoyed by her, but she had a surprising charm. She was a caricature (though I kind of feel all the characters were) but it was one based in something that felt 'true'. I liked her extremeness and especially her understanding that being in love was torture. :D To be honest, that was the main reason she pipped Effy to the post (Effy is cool!). I liked the whole 'love makes me mentally ill' thing being shown on screen. But I did like her before that too.
bofoddity on August 2nd, 2009 06:36 am (UTC)
Trying the fandoms I'm familiar with. *hopes for few matches*

1. Clark
2. Kara
5. House
6. Faith
7. Cordelia
8. Aragorn
9. Emerson
10. Merlin
11. Martha
12. Cameron
14. Bruce Lee?
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!: as snapped by moibop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:36 am (UTC)
You're correct with #6 and #8--my responses about why are above).
redteekalredteekal on August 2nd, 2009 07:22 am (UTC)
Caught a Pink concert over here in Perth - worth every cent - in fact she was a bargain as far as I'm concerned and could have charged more. The show was brilliant and for a while she's been listed as one of my top 5 female role models I tell my young teen female students to keep an eye on.
Hmm that meme - I'm only going to pick the fandoms I know:
1. Lois
2. Kara
5. Cameron
6. Willow
7. Cordelia or Wesley
8. Boromir or Elrond
10. Morgana
12. Derek *sobs*
14. Jet Li
K, Bop or Boppy--take your pick!bop_radar on August 2nd, 2009 08:38 am (UTC)
Ohh, yes! She's a brilliant role model for girls! (Who are the others you tell young women about?)

You're correct with Lois, Morgana and Jet Li. ;) My responses about why are above.
redteekal: arielo4ka Clois Iconredteekal on August 2nd, 2009 11:32 am (UTC)
Well the others (real life figures as opposed to my list of top five female characters - which usually blow out to more than five and they do seem to chop and change) include Fiona Wood, Natalie Portman, Martina Navratilova and Kate Winslet.