September 27th, 2006

Tiger cub

Project Smallville: The Countdown, Season 4 Part II

Eeeeep! I am late late late with this. Many apologies. I got carried away with the Season 5 episode commentaries, which I am dying to post about. But I must finish Season 4!

First of all, updates:
Day Six Picspam Wars: EYES
As part of our character celebration series, norwich36 has posted a Chloe picspam, and carpenyx has Part II of her Erica picspam.
cinderella81 has also posted more goodies dedicated to the Project.
And I am probably the last person on my f'list to see this post, but if you haven't made it to mskatej's genius Red Screencappery, then be rushing there now--it had me in fits. *g*

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