October 9th, 2007

Tiger cub

BSG S4 promo

A brief interlude from the Garden Party: thank you to my entire friendslist (hee!), led by wisteria_, for alerting me to the new S4 promo for BSG. I have been fidgeting at my desk ALL DAY waiting to get home to watch it and Collapse )

Oh, and I hope to see more BSG fans at my Garden Party. I know Garden Parties don't sound very Battlestar-y, but you should totally come gatecrash it in your Vipers or something. *nods* :D
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Tiger cub

Garden Party Promenade

*taps champagne glass with fork*

While people continue to arrive and introduce themselves, I thought we should begin formalities with a promenade (picspam) of our honoured guests (pretty celebrity crushes). Invitations are open to all ladies and gentlemen from our favoured productions--please take them by the arm and conduct them in so that we may all admire them! I ask only that you respect other guests and not post any images that haven't, er, transpired yet (translation: no spoilery images from unaired episodes).

Please also feel free to continue mingling and making the new arrivals welcome.