November 7th, 2007

Tiger cub

RL is messing with my fandom activities

One day back at work and I'm already grieving the loss of quality online time. :( Especially with so many shiny fun things right now!

There's lots of great meta coming out about BSG's 'Razor' (and I am not going to get sick of talking about that any time soon!) and also the funniest deleted scene I've ever heard of needs to be giggled over. I mean really. *blinks* Collapse )

As if BSG fandom wasn't entertaining enough, SV is all geared up for a Lana-centric episode that will no doubt be controversial and Collapse ) There's a cool post here about Lana--still the best comm name ever. ;)

In sadder news, the latest draft of my latest vid went pfft and I have to do it all over. :( Boo! But I am close to finished and if I wasn't in such a silly mood would be vidding right now.

Finally this is the best anonymous comment I have ever received. :D