January 22nd, 2008

Tiger cub

NTM vid-watching challenge: day 1

I'm actually a day behind with counteragent's vid-watching challenge already. Truly, I fail. I'm not actually behind in the watching part, just the posting, since my online time has been seriously limited. (Work still very hectic.)

But here goes! My first new (to me) vidder is tearful_eye and I struck gold on my first try! I watched her newest vid, Back Then. It's a Doctor Who, Martha/Ten vid--yay! There's such a plethora of Doctor/Rose vids, but I personally prefer Martha and have been keeping an eye out for Martha vids. And this one's to a Kings of Convenience track that I love! I thought the song selection was unconventional--and I liked that. The tone of the vid is quite unusual--wistful and reflective rather than gushily shippy--and that's very much to my taste. I know there are other Martha fans on my f'list so I definitely recommend checking it out.

And this vidder is totally not new to me (and therefore not part of the challenge) but bradcpu has posted his Hiro/Ando vid and OMG IT IS CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. *gush* I don't even like Ando! *boggles* But I do like Hiro, and it's got all his most adorable moments, perfectly, seemlessly cut to 'My Hero' by the Foo Fighters. It made me miss Heroes fandom. Or maybe I just miss Season 1...

More vids tomorrow. *bounces*
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