June 10th, 2008


FNL vid recs, a DW observation, and random meme

Friday Night Lights vid recs
I haven't posted many vid recs in ages, and I have a bit of a backlog which I hope to get to soon, but as a start I have a treat (two treats!) today for the Friday Night Lights fans on my friendslist. And for anyone who wants to know why you should watch this show... start here, with two amazing vids from chasarumba:

Something Beautiful is a Tami character study and an incredibly eloquent portrait of motherhood. It captures Tami's strength and determination, as well as her struggles and her fragility. It's a beautiful tribute to one of my favourite female characters on television. Tami is at once ordinary and extraordinary--I guess that's true of motherhood as well--and this vid captures that perfectly.

Let The Sun Fall Down is a vid I should have watched a long, long time ago. But for anyone else like me that hasn't seen it: it is THE perfect Friday Night Lights vid. *calls it* It's beautiful and heartbreaking and spine-tingly and full of HEART. It would have made me miss the show, except that I can just put it on repeat, stick my headphones on, sing along and tear up all over again...

Doctor Who
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That personality type meme doing the rounds
For anyone that's interested, this is me.