November 27th, 2010

Clois catch

Smallville 10.4-10.7

OMG YOU GUYS! I ENJOYED THE SHOW AGAIN! Like, really, really enjoyed it! It put a huge dopey grin on my face.

This is dangerous! I know where this leads... it leads to monkey bombs and RAGE and above all heartbreak and disappointment. :/ But just for this brief bubble in time, because it may really be the last time ever, I want to capture my excitement about Smallville delivering some of the joy it is possible for it to deliver.

Above all else, the thing that surprised me most in these four episodes was that I loooooooved the Clois. OMG, their chemistry was off the charts! And there was not so much Lois!fail! \o/ The JOY!

OK, it was still Smallville so it still had plenty of WTF and plenty of stuff I had to handwave and plenty of stuff I had to blinker out, and I no doubt benefited from watching four eps in a hit, not all strung out, but there was so much GOOD, there really was!! *flail*

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10.7 Ambush
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(Did that really just happen? Did Smallville make me happy again?! O.O)

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