December 30th, 2010


Year in Vidding Review

This, my fourth vidding year, was far and away the hardest, the best, the worst, the most fun and the most ridiculous since I started. I learnt more this year than I did since my first year (I pretty much feel I learnt nothing for a good three years--I just languished around feeling dissatisfied--which probably explains the cranky malaise with which I entered this year). It's definitely a weird (and interesting!) year to look back on, but it doesn't really show in the vids I actually released... :p

Previous years: 2007, 2008, 2009 <<--watch me get more and more miserable

At the start of the year I thought I would give up vidding. I should remember that because it is a sign of how far I came in a year. I started fiddling with a few vids privately as a last-try to see if I cared enough to continue.

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