January 14th, 2011


:( summary of day

Mourning death of beloved laptop, due to own stupidity.
Recovering from fainting fit (brought on by injection, not death of laptop, though it could have gone either way).
Fighting flash floods on roads and leaking skylight (I would love to blame the latter for death of laptop but in fact it was, as before stated, DUE ONLY TO OWN STUPIDITY--I flicked my glass of water in its direction when the dog did something unexpectedly cute *facepalm*).

Massively overcompensating in desperate attempt to recover good karma from universe by CLEANING and MAKING ALL THE THINGS! *FLAPS*

I'll post again when the stormcloud of crankiness over my head buggers off. :( :( :( Or, you know, after the six months of overtime I'm going to have to put in to pay for a new one.

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