June 13th, 2012

Nodame wow


Very quick quick post to say big THANK YOU to all who sent love and energy and support to me last week. I am doing well--I took my last medication on Saturday, so this is my fourth day off it entirely. I have a great deal of support (I was at an incredible meditation course on the weekend and I had healing yesterday) but this time last week I wouldn't have guessed I'd be off it so soon, and it helped a lot to know that people were thinking of me and believed I could do it, so thank you!! :))

The journey isn't over as of course my body has to recover itself from this medication, but right now thanks to meditation I am doing fine. I was very hungry and had a small headache the first day. Now, apart from feeling very tired/heavy and a bit unfocused in my mind, I feel great. And of course very very happy. (Anyone who has tried to come off this poison will understand that this is incredibly MILD symptoms ... almost no withdrawal at all! Amazing!)

I will post more about it when I have more brain. ;)

Love and hugs to all!

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