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Ahh, my vid rec Wednesdays must be cursed at the moment! (Heavens know how I'll catch up with VVC approaching--I'll have to institute vid rec WEEKS!) This week, my time for them got gobbled by contributing to strangefandom. So instead of reccing vids, I'm reccing it. Which means I'm reccing vids!

Let me explain. This is a community for the Stranger in a Strange Fandom Project. The premise is that people watch vids of shows they know nothing about and try to interpret them from the vid alone. The results are both hysterical and fascinating in a 'see how the transmitted message gets warped' way. LOVE!

I stumbled onto strangefandom only recently, and devoured the previous rounds (which are linked to in a handy template on the userinfo page. I rarely lurk, but in this case I did since the rounds happened a fair time ago. So to anyone that participated, global fb comment: OMG, too brilliant! *giggles*

This community also hooked me up with some awesome off-the-beaten-path vids, which is always a good thing.

Anyway, the latest round is about to close (after some probs and an extension) so bookmark it to check out when the summaries get posted. :) It definitely deserves more support because it's a brilliant idea. *shoos people over there* Maybe one day they'll do Nodame and everyone will hve to try and work out the role/meaning of the mongoose! *G*

Also I am betaing something that is making me squee delightedly and that is always good. :D
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