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Vid rec: Shelter From The Storm

chaila is making vids I can watch again! \o/ (I still can't watch BSG. I just can't.)

Shelter From the Storm is a thoughtful Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles vid, focused on Ellison. It's not so much a character study as an exploration of his point of view and his relationship with Sarah, his search for answers to the big questions and the role Sarah plays in this. (ETA: I don't mean to say it isn't a study of Ellison--just that it takes us inside his point of view on Sarah to create understanding of his character. Rather poorly expressed: sorry! very tired!) For me, it was a new lens through which to watch the show since I rarely slip into Ellison's point of view naturally (even when the show itself constructs it that way). While it might have greater (or different) resonance to Ellison fans, I feel this vid plays well to anyone interested in the overall meta of the whole show. It certainly made me think a lot about Ellison's plot and purpose. I particularly liked seeing scenes I knew well in a slightly different light.

Also! Attention vidders, students, freelancers and anyone else requiring round-the-clock work abilities! New discovery of awesome in the energy level department: homemade affogato!

Ice-cream (sugar) + triple shots of espresso (caffeine) = all night wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(Not that I'm working round the clock or anything... really... *whistles*)
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